Someone Else's criticism: do not panic

Someone Else's criticism: do not panic
 Someone Else's criticism can cause a variety of feelings - from insults to admiration. As a rule, the assessment of your actions takes place either in the present success or failure in full, but in any case you are experiencing any of the above words in your address. Calm down, do not panic, follow a few rules, and everything will be okay.  

1. Treat criticism calmly, because it is a common thing. Criticize everyone and everything, with or without cause. Look for someone who gives you an estimate, because there's only professional critics in the arts, all the rest - the usual inhabitants. Consequently, they either envy or admire. This is quite normal, and objectivity in the words of these people still need to search. Do not engage with them in a verbal altercation, thus you only emphasize their lack of confidence.

2. Each person has an opinion. This should never be forgotten. Your work can be beautiful, but still someone will be against you. Another well-known pattern: in each ointment has a fly in the ointment.

3. The most important critic - yourself. Only you can appreciate the scope of work, costs and experiences. So who besides you can give objective criticism? Only you and nobody else.

4. In some cases, compromise. If you are broke and entered a war of words, and the arguments are over, then the opinion that you and your opponent is wrong, and there is no reasonable explanation. Thus you show your mind and find yourself wiser than his criticism.

In everyday life, without criticism simply can not do. The words of others in a sense make you pay a lot of attention and work on themselves. Criticism is useful. Harmful but it unskillful authors who have nothing other than big words to give, and their words may well be reasonable and far-fetched.

Learn how in this situation simply do not pay attention to them, so you will save your nerves and calm. Sometimes evil tongues specifically seek you psychologically chipped, ruffle. Do not give in, this sly provocation.

Criticism without praise - not a criticism. This determination can easily be used to identify it as a quality. Learn to distinguish objective assessment of envy, and then you have nothing to fear.

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