Mood to order

Mood to order
 How often we become hostage to their mood when even on a sunny clear day can be grim and hate the whole world. It can not lead to anything good, only to insults, quarrels and depression. It would be good to yourself to make the mood to order, and, fortunately, today we have the opportunity appeared. Psychologists have developed a technique of neuro-linguistic programming, which will help anyone to manage your mood, switching it as a button on the TV program.

Switch your mood can be in four stages, let's call them: internal representations, physiology, the circumstances, a method of using physiology. Tell us more about them.

Changes in mood and state triggers certain processes. If was scared - beating heart, the stomach ache. Sad - tears flowed, zahlyupalo nose. Signal to the physiological reactions of the body has become an internal representation - a mental image picture associated with a particular state. It is in the subconscious and associated with our moods.

Try to imagine the word "happiness" and once in the brain occurs picture associated with this condition, if we consider it carefully, plunging into the details in the body begin to appear signs of happiness - on the face of a smile, abdominal warming. This technique also works with any other feeling that can be launched similar associative picture. We can run it whenever we want to change the mood.

To learn how to manage your mood remains only to identify their image pictures in the subconscious mind and learn how to work with them. To do this, imagine a picture related to, for example, with the word "hate". Realize it and studied in detail. It may be a color or black and white, static or mobile, whether large or small in size. You can attend it or watching it from the outside.

Try "customize" it - to change the color of the static image to make a film, to increase or decrease the size. Some of the parameters - the scale, color, clarity necessarily affect your physical condition and change it. This parameter is found, which is called a key characteristic, can now be used for any picture, image, changing its settings.

Use a simple algorithm: call image-representation, change its settings, while the physiological condition will not change in the right direction. Now visualize the image again and let it change your mood. Practice, get their key characteristics and changes its mood at his own request!

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