What we know about the Olsen sisters

What we know about the Olsen sisters
 Not every pair of twins is becoming popular all over the world. And even more so few people can do it at the age of 9 months. But the sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen dropped a chance. Girls are not yet a year old, and they've got the role of Michelle Tanner in the sitcom "Full House" on channel ABC. Now the sisters not only in films but also engaged in production of clothing collections under the brand name.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were born June 13, 1986 in Los Angeles. In 1991, the father of the twins, Dave Olsen, hired for the role of manager of his friend Robert Thorn. That, in turn, founded the company «Dualstar Intertainment Group». Her owner became little Mary-Kate and Ashley, the youngest producers in the world. In the same year came the video "brother for sale" and "I - the prettiest." In 1992, the company released the film "Hide, grandmother, we're on our way" with the girls in the lead roles.

Successful was a series of short films "The Adventures of Mary-Kate and Ashley." However, after the decision of the director did not finish shooting the series "Full House", which made the popular girls, many critics predicted the end of the career Olsen sisters. But the twins own company continues to operate and it is paying off. "It Takes Two", "Billboard Dad," "I am the gate", "Passport to Paris" and many other films, as well as shooting in the series "Two of a Kind" made of the girls real stars of world level.

In 2009 Olseny presented their fashion line Olsenboye. This youth brand, which pleases even their pricing. Average price per item - from 20 to 50 dollars. In 2011, the sisters began to work on the online clothing store - Stylemint.com. Customers are able to store not only buy clothes, but also use the services of nurses on the selection of the style. In 2011, Mary-Kate and Ashley launched a project for the production of spectacle frames. It is known that 13 frames styles are named after the streets of New York and Los Angeles.

Now the twins also write books, memoirs. Two tiny girls (up Mary-Kate 158 cm, Ashley - 160) is already in infancy conquered the world and do not intend to stop there. Mary-Kate is planning to seriously engage in irregular and Ashley wants to become a director.

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