What do we know about Olga Buzov

What do we know about Olga Buzov
 Had the film "Blonde in the law" was removed from the participation of Russian stars as the lead role in the film, no one would come up better than Olga Buzova: she is the same beautiful, positive and successful as the heroine Figure Witherspoon. But for jokes "about the blonde" Olga is not suitable, because for all his pops, she is certainly fairly clever, talented and versatile development.

Olga was born in the city of intellectuals, Saint-Petersburg, January 20, 1986, as they say, "in a simple family." Olin's father, Igor D., works as a sales manager, and her mother, Irina - dentist in the district hospital. Olga - not only daughter in the family, she has a sister Anna, who under Olga two years. And if Olga chose an image of blonde, then Anya - burning brunette and too dazzling beauty.

Olga graduated from high school №631 Saint Petersburg with a silver medal, was admitted to the budget department, Faculty of Geography, St. Petersburg State University in 2008, graduated from the University with honors. Speak foreign languages: English knows perfectly what she was given a certificate of the British Embassy; studied German at school, then went on to study at the prestigious language school Peter und Paul Shule. In addition, Olga has relatives in Lithuania, apparently, so it can also communicate in Lithuanian.

In 2004, as a university student, Olga became a member of the popular reality show on TNT channel "Dom-2" and found this as a lot of fans all over the camp. And 5 years later, she was invited to conduct the show already as a leader on par with Ksenia Sobchak and Ksenia Borodina. By this time Buzova managed to write three books: two "Romancing the Buzov" and "It's at the hairpin. Tips stylish blonde. " Her literary talent was evaluated on merit and Ole offered chair chief editor of "Dom-2".

Olga had time to try myself and media projects: as co-host of Roman Tretyakov in the youth talk show "Romancing the Buzov" on TNT in 2005-2006 and then a talk show on the radio "Pops" with the same title. Since September 2007, Olga was entrusted to conduct a heading "Caution, stylists! "Program" Morning on TNT. " In addition, Olga led the TV show "Black Label".

Olga was always craving for singing, she was able to realize themselves and in this role, recording several solo songs.
In 2010, Olga debuted on the stage in productions of "Honeymoon" and "Chic wedding". And then waited for her success. About her performance in the play "Amazing Wedding" famous actor Stas Sadalsky wrote in his blog that Olga got spoiled stars instead (Maria Kozhevnikova) and literally tore the viewer.

Fans watch closely and personal life of Olga Buzov. In the status of her boyfriend in early 2011, was listed businessman Andrey Sorokin, who, according to the tabloids, after five months of living together in a 4-room apartment in Moscow almost drove the beauty of the house. However, Olga quickly comforted in the arms of rapper Alexander Tarasov (aka T-killah), which expressed a desire to play in a frankly erotic photo shoot. At the same time, the popular rumor attributed Olga romance with the rapper's namesake - a married footballer "Locomotive" Dmitry Tarasov, who in June 2011, left his wife and young daughter, allegedly for Olga. Marriage proposal Olga, according to official figures, has not yet received, although, by her own admission, most of all she wanted to place in life as a wife and mother.

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