What connected Vysotsky and Vlady

What connected Vysotsky and Vlady
 Marina Vlady and Vladimir Vysotsky linked bonds of marriage. It is a dry, soulless historical fact. He was not able to convey the fullness of relations between the two people connected by fate. This love story is interesting and unique in many ways is not clear, and even somewhat closed to gaze curious. In reality, they are connected by much more than the usual marriage certificate.
 Vladimir Vysotsky - one of the most famous people in the Soviet Union, which was and remains incredibly popular artist. His work did not become less in demand from the fact that he has completed his earthly journey.

Marina Vlady - successful French actress, originally Russian. She starred in the film "Bewitched." Beauty, conquered a lot of men's hearts.

Both men are different brightness, originality, charisma, talent. Each of them has a range of creative activities, friends and family, fans, in general, their lives. They absolutely nothing related. It seems that their meeting is almost impossible. And if possible, it should be fleeting, insignificant. But fate thought otherwise ...

Vysotsky looked tape with Vladi, the same film "Bewitched", where she played a major role. His heart trembled, he sought a meeting with her. But the tide has turned against him, and dating in the period soon Vlady in Moscow in 1965 did not happen. At that time nobody knew that the sequence of events still bring them together. And, indeed, happened so that during another visit to the capital Marina was invited to Lyubimov theater play "Pugachev", where the role played Khlopusha Vysotsky himself. Delighted with his performance, the actress could not refuse to meet. Later in the bar of the hotel "Moscow" Vladimir confessed to her first love. He did not question the fact that Marina would become his wife.

Vladi seemed that feelings for this man does not feel, because she's just won his talent. But the first separation put everything in its place: the actress longed without Vysotsky. And at the next meeting, they both realized how much need each other. Their strong ties tied amazing, strong feeling - love.

Head of the Department of Visas and Registration gave permission for the marriage. In those days such a favor authorities might seem strange, given also the fact that Vladimir later issued a passport. Honeymoon lovers by the sea was serene, happy and memorable event. Next Marina dream come true - the couple went abroad. Vysotsky's talent was recognized and in America and in France, and in Poland, the success was his faithful companion. Attachment of two hearts could last a long time, but she was only given to 13 years. Unfortunately, life has brought the pair not only happiness, but also a lot of tests, which include Vladimir and fatal passion to alcohol and drugs. With it, he could not cope. In the summer of 1980 Vysotsky died ...

The history of relations Vysotsky and Vlady is no doubt - they are two halves of a whole, which were supposed to be together, but the circumstances were stronger feelings.

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