The Shining Stars: Pratibha Patil

The Shining Stars: Pratibha Patil
 Pratibha Patil has ensured that for many years it was thought impossible. This woman became the president of India in 2007. It - tough and conservative politicians are highly professional.
 Pratibha Patil was born in a small town Nadzhaon in Maharashtra in 1934. After high school, she enrolled at the State University and received a Master of Arts degree, went to the capital, which was then still called Bombay. There, she studied for up to 27 years and came out with a degree in law and the title of Queen of Beauty College.

In the same 1962 Pratibha Patil entered politics, joining the Indian National Congress Party and became a deputy of the Assembly of Maharashtra. After 3 years, she was married and had two children. Her husband later joined to his wife, and together they created several public institutions. Among them - an educational institution with a lot of sponsored schools and colleges in his native district Patil Jalgaon and Mumbai, as well as a hostel for working women in Delhi and sugar factories. The latter institution she directed personally.

In 1967, Pratibha Patil was chosen in the government of his state, where she worked until 1985, holding various positions. She visited the post of minister of education, culture, health, tourism, social welfare and housing. In the mid-70s politician became the main initiator of the program, which helps women gain financial independence. In 1977, she was arrested and spent 10 days in jail for supporting Gandhi.

1985 brought Pratibha Patil appointment to the Council of State, the supreme governing body of the Parliament. In 1987, she led him, and after 4 years was elected head of the Committee on the Affairs of the House from District Aramvati. In 1996, when its mandate ended, in politics there was a long break. Being an energetic person, she filled downtime in the organization of activities to promote women's education and the abolition of veiling.

After 8 years Pratibha Patil became the governor of the state of Rajasthan. It was the first time in the history of India, when such a large woman holds the post. After 3 years, the party nominated her for the post of the 13th president. According to its supporters, it could contribute enormously strengthen the position of women in India. Pratibha Patil won a landslide victory, receiving two-thirds majority.

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