The Shining Stars: Paul Anderson

The Shining Stars: Paul Anderson
 Paul W. S. Anderson is known as a brilliant director and as a happy husband beauty Milla Jovovich. Now in his late forties, Paul realizes itself actively in professional activities, and spending time with his family - his beloved wife and daughter.  
 Paul Anderson graduated with honors from University of Warwick, he majored in literature and film. But his first steps in the film were not too successful. The film "Shopping" (1994) failed miserably. While it is still not clear whose merit was in this, director or critics, because within six months after the premiere of the film was nominated for "Best Film of the Year."

In 1995 he published "Mortal Combat", which Paul made based on video games. The tape became popular. Then came ambiguous "Horizon" (1997) and "Soldier" (1998), they failed at the box office, but the first tape has won the Audience Award at the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival.

After these discouraging defeats Anderson makes the 2000 television project "Sight", which has some success with the audience. Received honoraria for it enables young director to return to the great movie. He takes off his famous "Resident Evil" in 2002.

Picture instantly becomes record holder at the box office, that is gaining recognition of many millions of moviegoers, but critics were lukewarm to the film. Working on the tape, Paul got his super prize - Mila Jovovich!

Anderson wrote the script of the second and third films "Resident Evil", was their producer. From 2004 to 2009 he directed several successful paintings: "Dark Forces", "Alien vs. Predator», «DOA: Dead or Alive", "Pandorum" and "Death Race".

Another part of the computer game "Resident Evil" inspired Paul to shoot the fourth installment in the franchise. "Life After Death" - the long-awaited draft Anderson, he was very sorry that he could not be a director of the second and third part of the "Resident". Directed diligently studied with James Cameron to make movies in 3D. Filming took place from autumn to winter in 2009 on two continents.

Adventure film "The Three Musketeers" was released in 2011. And in the fall of 2012 will be released the fifth part of the legendary "Resident Evil", which will be called "Nemesis". In the role of Alice, of course, the beloved wife of Paul Anderson - Milla Jovovich.

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