The secret to the success of Milla Jovovich

The secret to the success of Milla Jovovich
 "Sometimes I think that I would die young, as wasted all my strength now and do not leave for later" - admitted in an interview with glossy magazine actress and model Milla Jovovich. She really lives a busy life: actress not only in films and fashion magazines, Milla has created a musical group Plastic Has Memory, became a designer's own clothing line, a daughter Ever and even gathered to go to college in the Faculty of Exact Sciences.
 Success does not come by itself - it is necessary to work hard, work and truly strive to reach the top, and it's Milla Jovovich learned from early childhood. A native of Kiev as a little girl with her parents moved to the United States. Natives of the Bolshevik countries were outcasts in the new society - and Milla and her parents have experienced failure in their environment. Milla parents working in low-paid menial work. Mother, Soviet actress Galina Loginova, cleaning the homes of wealthy people, once was invited to work in the house of the director Brian De Palma. It was he noticed a beautiful girl with expressive facial features and became a bridge to the world of show business.

Milla - is the embodiment of unrealized dreams of her mother. Galina all forces threw for a career of his daughter. By the way, the second "l" in the name of Milla Jovovich - also the idea of ​​the mother. She wanted to keep exotic foreigners sound: with one "l" Mila name in English sounds like "Mile". Mom regularly leads her to audition. Girl studying at night school for working children. The main thing staked mother - it looks and impeccable upbringing: Milla went on and dance lessons, classes and acting, she studied singing and piano at age 10 was hired a personal beautician, created a great portfolio ...

The first contract signed Milla Jovovich in 12 years. Now she was the main source of income for the whole family. Milla became a famous model, and was invited to pose for photos with extremely erotic bias, accentuating nimfetochnuyu sensuality girls. The first role of the 13-year-old beauty-Model was in the erotic film "Two Moon Junction". A year later, she starred in the title role in the film "Return to the Blue Lagoon", in which young Milla did not hesitate to show their beauty.

In 15 years, Milla earned his first million dollars. Then there was a failed marriage of 16-year-old girl with a 21-year-old actor Sean Andrews. After filming the comedy "Kuffs" and the drama "Chaplin" Milla Jovovich was going to become a professional music, and then she too failed. Good continuation career was "The Fifth Element" by Luc Besson, who come to grips with the promotion of Milla and became her second husband. After living together for two years, they have left, according to the actress, because of satiety with each other. After a while, Milla came in third marriage with actor Paul Anderson, the Thirty Years' actress gave birth to daughter Ever.

Russian roots Jovovich excite the minds of millions of her fans. Actress in almost every interview is recognized that it is very proud of its "ruskostyu": "That will power that I currently watch I totally owes its origin." However, the secret of success lies not in it. To the question "What is your secret? "Milla Jovovich with a smile replied:" I do what I like. Like to sing - a recordable disc, like coming up with clothes - engaged in design. The most important thing - be yourself. "

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