The most generous stars

The most generous stars
 Foreign stars of show business, in addition to creative activity, often consider their duty to participate in charity events and the creation of its own funds.
 Famous American TV host Oprah Winfrey regularly donates to charity considerable sums. Last year, for example, Oprah gave 50.2 million dollars for the development of education and health, as well as to protect the rights of women and children.

Queen outrageous modern show business Lady Gaga recently established its charitable foundation Born This Way Foundation, which deals with the problems of adolescents who for various reasons are subjected to aggression by others. In 2010, the singer became the face of Viva Glam line of cosmetics brand MAC. All proceeds from the sale of this line, went AIDS.

73-year-old trumpeter Herb Alpert donated 13 million on the development of music education.

11 million dollars sent Barbra Streisand to protect the environment, women's rights, and organizations involved in AIDS research.

Despite his youth, the idol of millions of teenage girls Justin Bieber, is actively involved in charity events. He donates large sums of money the organization Pencils of Hope, which is collecting money and construction of schools in all the world.

The couple Will and Jada Smith has his own charitable foundation. They fund educational projects in the United States. For example, recently one of the schools of Philadelphia attackers stole all the computers, the fund immediately reacted to the news, and for the past 24 hours in the school were introduced more than 20 new computers.

Leonardo DiCaprio regularly participates in various environmental programs. For example, he is an ambassador for the International Fund for Animal Welfare. Heading action Save Tigers Now, DiCaprio donated $ 1 million and traveled all over Asia with his campaign, meeting with leaders of the countries where tigers.

Singer Alicia Keys is actively involved in the life of the fund Keep Child Alive. It was on her initiative was an action "Digital Death", which helped raise more than $ 1 million to help children.

Taylor Swift has donated 500,000 dollars for the reconstruction after the floods her hometown of Nashville, and actively participated in the campaign to raise funds to help the city. In addition, she is actively engaged in education, making contributions to the Fund Read Now, who is trying to regain people's interest in reading.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt is known for its active position in the field of philanthropy. Jolie is a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. From a humanitarian mission, she visited a number of countries: Kenya, Cambodia, Thailand, Sudan, Ecuador and others, there is Angelina got acquainted with the activities of the commission. In September 2006, Jolie Pitt organized a charity fund Jolie / Pitt Foundation, which funds are directed to the program "Doctors Without Borders". In addition, the Foundation sent them 8.4 million dollars for the reconstruction of the affected by the hurricane "Katrina" New Orleans and to help orphans. More than $ 1 million they sent in the summer of 2008 in the organization of control over human rights (Human Rights Watch) Burma and Zimbabwe. The right to publish the first photographs of their newborn twins Jolie-Pitt couple sold one well-known magazine for $ 14 million, which also allowed for charity.

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