Taylor Lautner: the most beautiful werewolf

Taylor Lautner: the most beautiful werewolf
 A screen adaptation of the vampire saga "Twilight" gave the actor who played the main role, wildly popular among fans worldwide. For millions of girls became the subject of adoration Taylor Lautner, who viewers know and love as Jacob Black, a werewolf-Indian Man, hopelessly in love with Bella Swan.
 In his native Taylor does have Indians - thanks impurity of their blood, skin color and eye shape characteristic he got the role of a Man living on the reservation. However, the first own appearance had no meaning for Lautner: childhood guy was going to become a professional athlete, and they are known not to beauty. He gave hope in karate and combat arms, he studied with world champion and he won the world award, becoming at age 11 the best of the juniors.

Interest in acting at Cute guy with muscular figure woke up after he went to audition for commercials. The attempt ended in failure for Taylor, but it brought in a card file. Thus began walking on his casting, more precisely, the trip because the family lived Lautner in Michigan, not too close to Hollywood. However, believing in his son's future as a "star", Taylor's parents decided to move to Los Angeles. And, as it turned out, it has paid off.

In California, he slowly began to appear, in the series, the movies, but always - in episodes or on the sidelines. Major had the luck to him in 2005: at the age of 13 Taylor starred in "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl." Film based on the then new 3D-technology, was punctuated with special effects, but much of an impression on the audience is not made, grossed a little cash. But talking about Lautner criticism, and that was the main thing.

After a couple of years, he was probably the most important audition of his life. Arriving at the audition, Taylor met with another contender, dark-haired girl unsmiling, claimed the title role. They were asked to read an excerpt from the script duet. As a result, both approved: Kristen Stewart has become a vampire in love with schoolgirl Bella and Taylor Lautner - Indian kid turns into a wolf.

New role for Taylor, and so is not offended physical data, was to further develop the muscles and pump up the press. All his spare time was lost guy in the gym, and film producers were satisfied with the result. Spectators, as it turned out, too: in the display of the saga werewolf Jacob was significant competition for the main character, vampire Edward played by Robert Pattinson.

In 2011 shooting of "Twilight" has not yet been completed. Taylor continues to keep fit through sport and the special protein diet, plays basketball and football, do not forget about training in karate. By age 19, he is considered one of the most beautiful and wealthy, word, enviable grooms Hollywood. However, bind ourselves to any ties guy is not in a hurry: after breaking up with another passion, actress Lily Collins, Lautner free again.

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