Star relatives: the eternal competition for success

Star relatives: the eternal competition for success
 Oh, those rodstvennichki stars! Read magazines, watch TV or surf the Internet - and here and there one can see their greedy paws and resentful faces. Or offered for listening (viewing) works of art from the media star names, sometimes resembling anything, but not art. But the background is sometimes very advantageous to look brothers, sisters and children of the stars, which just barely did not have luck, but not talent. Or simply is not time to appreciate their skill.

Of course, the most striking example of family care for the success of the Jackson clan is. Sisters and brothers "king of pop scene" were no less his talented, and they started together, but all of them ruined, ultimately, the lack of normal relations in the family. And this is the main condition that helps and creativity, and success in show business. However, he repeatedly Michael worked with the sisters - Latoya and Janet. The success of the Jackson brothers stayed in the past.

More adequate attitude to succeed his brother in such a popular actor Ben Affleck. His brother is also gradually becoming known to millions: the specificity of his acting work not inferior to his talent writer. But Affleck and Sr. also no stranger to screenwriting. The famous picture of "Good Will Hunting" (1997) was filmed on the script, which he co-wrote with Matt Damon. Stellar career Affleck Sr. does not interfere with (and, importantly, does not help) becoming younger brother. Friendship brothers become stronger over the years only.

Of course, we can not say that the children of the stars and can be nebestalanny. A classic example: Alla Pugacheva and Christina Aguilera. Once is not called and what just did not compare Christina journalists, ridiculing her first steps on the big stage! But she was not the wise woman for years, and now has nothing to anybody trying to prove, and daily work up a sweat. Of course, she could stay and still reap laurels talented actress, who played at the dawn misty youth in "Scarecrow", and a little later - in "Taxi Blues". But Aguilera, apparently inherited from the mother not only acting ability, but also a terrific performance, backed by a desire not to stand still make mistakes, but do their job with the persistence of a professional.

And, perhaps the most striking example of the ascent to fame and success, achievement once eclipsed the equally famous parents - Liza Minnelli. Lisa relationships with parents were mixed, and yet they are always gently treated each other. Her mother - Hollywood star mid XX century - Judy Garland, his father - a producer and director Vincent Minnelli. At the time, their names known to all fans of American cinema. But after the great "Cabaret" (1972), the whole world was drowned in the eyes of Sally Bowles (Liza Minnelli) and was struck by her unique vocals, the sharp and sarcastic, then caressing and velvety.

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