Person: Larry King

Person: Larry King
 Talk show «Larry King Live» recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest-running show with a permanent host. As a TV host Larry King honored with prestigious awards such as the prize "Emmy" award Cable ACE (as much as 10 times!), Has twice been nominated for a Peabody Award. Larry completing his last transmission, with tears in his eyes. "When I started to lead the program, I did not think it would last so long," - he said.

Larry King - an iconic figure of American show business. His mother and father came from Belarus, emigrated to the United States, where 19 November 1933 and the birthplace of Larry King, and while the boy with the Hebrew name Laurence Harvey Zayger.

The dream was to work on the radio he always, and at age 22 he moved to Miami, where he began work on a local radio station WIOD. Originally it was just a job cleaner and boy-on-errand. Happy Hour Lawrence came when one of the announcers quit radio and was not replaced. Then guide the young men go on the air, it happened May 1, 1957 was the beginning of a great career. Then indigestible Hebrew name was decided to replace the American nickname, potentially more lovely listeners - Larry King.

More than ten years now, Larry worked on the radio, switched to TV (Channel WTVJ), was an employee in print. On television since the early 1960s, he led his own program "Under the cover of Miami," also in the newspapers, "Miami Herald" and "Miami News" led the personal column.

So, probably, and continued on, but in the early 1970s, Larry came a black stripe in life. The fact that Larry was no stranger to gambling, playing cards and roulette, and in one terrible day of his debt amounted to 300 thousand. Dollars. December 20, 1971, Larry was arrested and charged him with embezzling money his business partner Louis Wolfson. History was very dirty and scandalous, and three years, Larry did not show up in the air, interrupting a small part-time job. Life lesson has not passed in vain for the King: Now the reputation he placed above all else and never go into debt.

All passes and clouds overhead parted Larry: first he was able to return to the station WIOD, and in 1978 he began to live radio Mutual Broadcasting Network «Larry King Live." Transmission went out every weekday, and over time its popularity has increased so much that it began to broadcast hundreds of US radio stations.

In 1985 there was a significant event: the company offered to CNN Larry maintain its analogue television broadcasts under the name «Larry King Live» («Larry King live"). The latter transfer King aired December 16, 2010. In the 25 years separating these two dates, he spent more than 6,000 programs and interviewed more than 50 thousand buddies - outstanding people 20 and 21 century - many of whom were honored to be guests of the King.

During his long life was replaced by Larry King 7 wives, became the father of five times, and earned a lot of money - only his annual salary amounted to 14 million. Dollars per year. Therefore, in his case, it's safe to say that the great American dream come true.

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