Mysterious fate of Frank Sinatra

Mysterious fate of Frank Sinatra
 In the history of the life of one of the most famous singers of the twentieth century there were many mysteries. Biographers Frank Sinatra still debate whether "Frankie-voice", as they call it public, associated with the largest American mafia clan led by Al Capone. And also about what higher power prevented the singer at the height of his scheduled suicide when his career and personal life went to the bottom ...

He was the only child and beloved Italian immigrants - boxer Martin and translator Dolly. Despite the mother's care and love from childhood Frank Sinatra asked parents to heat. He was expelled from school as a fighter, also do not have time in many subjects. Take root in post courier from bullying Frank also did not work. For "his" guy took only the music world: his first earnings Sinatra was playing in bars on the ukulele - a little ukulele. Soon the music he turned to singing, and here in this field immediately achieved great success. Italian voice-bully was just honey, besides the right choice of repertoire attracted viewers. In twenty years, Frank Sinatra won the prestigious competition for young artists, who spent a respected radio station in the United States. After that, together with his band, he went on tour.

But the real fame came to Sinatra after his move to the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. And then it turned out that the voice of the singer promising perfect fall jazz and swing compositions. So Frank became Crooner (in translation from English - "purring"), making a huge contribution to this pop-vocal throughout. Tours and performances in the orchestra rushed to Sinatra with kaleidoscopic speed. His temper periodically made itself felt, fueled by tight schedule. So, one day, in the heat of anger Sinatra broke on the head of the orchestra drummer glass carafe.

Despite the strange behavior, Frank Sinatra quickly became a popular favorite. Of course, first ochered- favorite of the fair sex. He himself was not averse to take advantage of the increased attention of women. Despite an early marriage to a childhood friend, Nancy Barbato, despite the presence of three children - a son and two daughters - Frankie had an affair and start dating right and left. As a result, the wife of the famous Voices, tired of this life, filed for divorce. Frank not only did not object, but also spurred Nancy to take this step. The reason was a famous actress Ava Gardner, with whom Sinatra in the midst of a whirlwind romance.

Soon after her divorce from Nancy went awry. Femme fatale Ava as well as Frankie himself once, did not hesitate to have other lovers. On top of all his demand rapidly began to decline: MGM studio broke a contract with him, a new one was in no hurry to sign. Concerts in New York have been canceled, Sinatra on the radio more, too, no one expected: in fashion includes other singers. In the thirties, when certain career is just beginning, Frank Sinatra, it seemed, was over forever. Life was more unnecessary. And he decided to commit suicide.

No one knows who or what prevented this desperate step. However, the facts are as follows: Sinatra overcome the crisis. A few years later his case again sharply went up the hill. He appeared in supporting roles in the film "From Here to Eternity" - and got him "Oscar". He returned to the stage, and his new hits conquered the audience more than ever. He again began to meet with the women, and among his victories were Marilyn Monroe and other celebrities of the time. Prior to his death from a heart attack at the age of 82 years he remained a favorite of people. Among fans Sinatra was the Kennedy family and the Pope. And. Al Capone himself, the head of the Mafia. It was said that Frankie has not forgotten his Italian roots, was involved in many cases of a mafia clan. Managed to prove only his involvement in an illegal gambling business. A circumstantial evidence was the legendary "The Godfather", which featured singer Johnny, close to the clan of Al Capone. They say that the author only changed the name of Johnny Frankie. 

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