Malcolm McLaren - the creator of Sex Pistols

Malcolm McLaren - the creator of Sex Pistols
 Malcolm McLaren - a man who had a profound influence on rock music and punk movement, died in April 2010. His services are not limited Nurturing Project Sex Pistols.
 It all started with the fact that back in 1971, Malcolm and his girlfriend Vivienne Westwood opened in the capital of the UK clothing boutique. These collections were that somewhere between the early twentieth century clothes and costumes in the style of BDSM. Shop called SEX, then changed his name to World's End, then on - Seditionaries.

Soon became the center of attraction boutique and cult snout for local non-formals. Malcolm brought the company out of a guitarist, a drummer and a bassist. Then they were joined by a typical street bully John Lydon (Johnny Rotten).

In New York, it was a time of "new wave", McLaren brought to London group Ramones, to acquaint with the British overseas culture. But the impression of the team faded before the antics Sex Pistols. Malcolm sheltered musicians gathered from their group came up with the name and identified the frontman.

The then young generation saw in Side Vicious and Johnny Rotten new messiahs anticulture. Punk rock began its triumphal march across the planet. Sex Pistols shocked and shock the man in the street. Them for it caught and beaten in the streets, but it could not get Mad young people to live differently. Single with mocking songs about the monarchy of Great Britain (God Save The Queen) goes straight to the days of the anniversary of Elizabeth II.

In 1977, Malcolm McLaren and the Sex Pistols released a landmark album called Never Mind the Bollocks. After that, the punk band broke up! The audience went wild - how so? But this "care" was directed by McLaren specifically to squeeze more money out of the album. Malcolm told the world about it in the movie Great Rock-n-Roll Swindle.

Hip-hop culture inspired by McLaren to create their own album Duck Rock. Then he had experiments in electronic music and even opera. Malcolm, taking advantage of soaring popularity of its ambiguous, even ran for mayor of London.

Sex Pistols and Malcolm McLaren gave rock music new direction antisocial provocation.

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