Legends of the century. Margaret Mitchell

Legends of the century. Margaret Mitchell
 It's hard to find someone who would not watched the movie "Gone with the Wind" with a stunning Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable in the lead roles. Love story described in the book of the same name, has become close to millions of people around the world, and the author himself - American writer Margaret Mitchell - glorified for many centuries in the history of world literature.

American author Margaret Mitchell was born November 9, 1900 in Atlanta (GA). Margaret's father and her brother Eugene were to the local historical society, moreover, both grandfathers Margaret participated in the Civil War. Therefore, children in the family since childhood Mitchell saturate the atmosphere of evenings spent by adults for a long conversation about the history of America.

Writing Margaret became involved in school. She wrote a play about faraway exotic countries. Plays successfully went to the local school theater. After graduating from high school and college, Margaret became interested in journalism. She wrote mainly on historical themes in the newspaper "Atlanta Journal." Margaret was reputed to be the girl with the character that nobody is allowed to manage. She even published a feminist manifesto and photographed for a magazine in an indecent for a time - a man's suit, cowboy hat and boots than terribly shocked some relatives and the public.

Around the same time Margaret was first married. Her choice was the Barry Upshaw. Upshaw had a reputation for sloppy. By this he attracted and Margaret, she went against the opinion of the family, society, morals of the time. After the wedding, it became clear that Upshaw enjoys drinking more than she could imagine Margaret. He even began to beat her, so their marriage did not last long, only 10 months. Margaret became the first woman in her family, dared to divorce.

Having worked in the newspaper three years, Margaret married John Marsh. Husband asked Margaret to leave the job, and she agreed. Began its measured family life. But even married, Margaret did not leave writing.

From 1926 to 1936 she worked on the novel by Margaret, became famous for her later - "Gone with the Wind." It is believed that the image of the main character, so beloved by Americans - Scarlett, largely written off with the Margaret. Perhaps this is because, although she denied Margaret similarities between himself and his heroine. She called Scarlett unworthy woman and wondered how such a small female character could be the subject of almost a national cult. Well, the prototype of Rat Butler called first husband of Margaret, Barry Upshaw.

Critics interpreted the novel enthusiastically. It was announced one of the most prominent writers of his generation. Readers bought up the novel immediately. The book quickly became a bestseller, was translated into 37 languages ​​and reprinted in the US only 70 times. In 1938 the novel was awarded the Pulitzer Prize, and in 1939 it was made into a movie.

The film, like the book, has become very popular and remains so to this day. It is believed that this is one of the highest grossing films in the history of cinema (he competes only with "Titanic"). And in his hometown of Margaret movie still goes in the box.

It is interesting that collapsed to her glory Margaret treated very calm and even avoided the attention of the public and journalists. She refused to be interviewed, did not agree to participate in the work on the adaptation of the novel. As a youth, Margaret showed his strong character, no amount of money could not seduce her and get to sell the rights to use the names of the characters in her book advertising. Margaret belonged to the child seriously and did not allow any bargaining and compromise.

Fate decreed that Margaret did not have time to write after "Gone With the Wind," a single book. She was killed by a drunk driver at the age of 48 years. The life story of this legendary woman and literary images, which she created in her book, do not cease to excite people today. It's easy to explain - in the book depicts the history of ordinary people, with their clear any inhabitant of the planet feelings and thoughts.

Margaret Mitchell was able to create a world close to anyone - without sublime philosophy and symbolism, and most importantly - do this talented, bright, exactly. That's why her book and filmed a movie on it will remain forever in the history of human culture as the undisputed masterpiece.

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