Last Queen: Marie Antoinette

Last Queen: Marie Antoinette
 Marie Antoinette - the last born child of the Austrian emperor. Her life, full of events and experiences led to the title of Mary Queen of France, making it the wife of Louis XVI. But despite this rise, her life ended tragically.

Marie Antoinette was the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa and Francis I, the current rulers of the great Holy Roman Empire. At the age of 10 Maria loses her father and left with 7 brothers and sisters in the care of a mother. But all of them were lucky with the mother, which in addition to the successful management of the whole empire, and even took care of the successful future of their children. The most advantageous marriage Maria Teresa in store Marie Antoinette, organized engagement with Louis - while the heir to the throne of France.

Education Mary was of a real future queen. She in no way denied, and to be taught to command confident with any number of attention. At age 15, Mary went to France. Fully confident that it will help her charm achieve anything.

On the border with France, dressed in the best outfits and jeweled, she meets a gorgeous wedding procession, led by the prince's grandfather, who was then the current King Louis XV. Despite the fact that the groom was silly boys and interested unless good food, it's good pleasure to his future wife. Their wedding took place in 1770, 16 May.

Soon after, in 1774, the King of France, Louis XV died of smallpox. After his death, all the power was transferred to the young couple. But their way of life is not affected. The young king continued to eat much and fall asleep in a chair, while Marie Antoinette again and again impressed everyone with his extravagant behavior.

At age 23, Marie Antoinette had her first child, and for the next six years - four more. But in the end only two survived: Maria Theresa and Louis.

French considered extravagant behavior Anutanetty impermissible for the Queen. Because of what the people have accumulated discontent. But Marie Antoinette was sure that her behavior is nothing impermissible and that the indignation of the people will soon pass.

But the July 14, 1789 there was a terrible bloody tragedy in "reckless capital of the world" - in this day the famous "Bastille".

These events led to the fact that all approximate the royal family quietly left France. In Marie Antoinette was also a chance to escape and thereby saved. But the queen remained with the king. What led to the fact that October 6, 1789, they were arrested and taken to the palace of the Tuileries.

About two years the family spent in prison, but they are loyal. They spent time with the children. But on June 20 1791 they made an unsuccessful attempt to escape, than have predetermined their fate.

They were transferred to the dark and gloomy building in Paris. Where they remained until 1793, before the beginning of the trial. The king was at a loss, the court sentenced him to prison is not the throne, but the deprivation of life. The last 2 hours of life, Louis spent with his family.

Life of Marie Antoinette after that has not changed, until one day it did not come three men and took her son. After which it was transferred to the prison of the Conciergerie. In prison, she took away all things and never for a moment left alone. The hard-Antoinette persuaded guards not to select her comb and powder.

Marie Antoinette used to eliminate the danger of intervention, as neither looking nor that she was a foreigner. For some time between the two countries and the revolutionaries were negotiated. But this does not lead to anything, and October 16, 1793 she was sentenced to death. Even despite the fact that she still had the status of queen.

On the last day of life, Marie Antoinette woke up very early. The maid helped her to put on a white dress. Security for a second did not take his eyes off her. The executioner shaved her hair right in the camera. Prior to its being taken to the guillotine dirty wagon under the roar of the crowd mocked.

Before his execution, Marie Antoinette inadvertently stepped on the foot and the executioner said, "Excuse me, sir, I did not mean to."

These were her last words.

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