Last Dance Patrick Swayze

Last Dance Patrick Swayze
 His name is known even in remote Siberian taiga: videotape with his most famous film is carefully stored under the lace curtains and removed the light on major holidays, especially felt when that same lady longing for strong shoulders. Sweet and Tender Beast across our great country - Patrick Swayze continues to live in the hearts of women.  

He was not handsome in the classical sense, but in 1991 entered the list of the 50 most beautiful people in the world. It mixed Irish and Welsh blood: the strength and tenderness, unusual for a man touching quality.

Mom Patrick had his own dance school, it is not surprising that the boy practically grew up in the ballet hall and childhood showed outstanding ability to ballet and dance. Friends jokingly said that Patrick was not born in ballet tights, not once in ballet pointe so smoothly had all turned out.

Patsy Seuyzi proud son: beautiful dancer, excellent swimmer and gymnast, and still have time to play football. Patrick Swayze was fortunate to meet with himself Mikhail Baryshnikov, who immediately put the young man eye and invited to take part in copyright productions wizard. However, football injury put an end to the career of ballet Patrick, who soon decided to try his hand at the movies.

Stunning success came after the first serious film "Dirty Dancing". The filmmakers do not even dreamed of such box office, but the female audience the planet took a simple story with great enthusiasm.

Its outstanding in every sense of the figure, for which even in his youth he was called the "body", drove the girls and women crazy. Ladies rushed at him, wherever he appeared. Himself Patrick Swayze remained unruffled, claiming that he was not some kind of a walking aphrodisiac for women.

Once more than 300 fans kicked the front door of the hotel where the actor stopped, forcing idol to make truly incredible - jump out the window of his room on the 3rd floor, fleeing, good - at the bottom of a swimming pool.

Next movie, "Ghost" with Demi Moore, has become even more popular, turning "with life" in the classic melodramatic genre. Swayze himself took the opportunity to apply the words of his hero for his father, whose death was held for Patrick like a shadow in an alcoholic stupor.

Swayze was an amazing person. For all its incredible popularity never allowed himself nothing superfluous in communion with actresses and groupies. His future wife, Lisa, he met at a dance school, her mother, and since they did not leave.

In the movie, he laid out the full program, he worked alone, without doubles. And slap slap, dangerous stunts - all performed by himself. The actor never tired of repeating that the risk purifies the soul. One such difficult tricks ended in tragedy - Patrick broke both his legs.

Only in 2000, the actor was able to return to work after spending several years in rehabilitation training. In 2004, the faithful wife Lisa decides to make a film that critics unanimously called a continuation of "Dirty Dancing."

However, it was a totally different story. "Last Dance" is now seen like a sad farewell legendary actor: elderly artists with fervor and zeal accepted for posing ballet, in which they did not manage to come out on the first cast.

Patrick Swayze as if he knew that soon will go and just have to say the last word to thank the loyal viewers of love, patience and attention. Perform their last dance. Dance with life itself.

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