Kelly Preston: Career Model

Kelly Preston: Career Model
 Kelly Preston is known today primarily as the wife of John Travolta, then - as an actress. The highest priority is for her family, but it was not always. In his youth, they build their career, which began with the work of a model.
 Kelly Preston was born in Hawaii. She soon lost her father and was adopted by his stepfather at age three. By the nature of the work, he often went on long trips to other countries. So, at the age of 5 years Kelly spent almost half a year in Iraq. Then there was Australia, where young Preston graduated from high school. There's also a spectacular 16-year-old girl noted fashion photographer, who offered her a shot for advertising.

Career Model Kelly Preston was brief, it lasted only a couple of years until the future actress was finishing school. After that, the family returned to their homeland. However, the young girl had something to present to the producers of the popular TV series "Hawaii 5.0" in its portfolio, when she came to audition. Photos bright beauty helped her get the role. After that, she went to California and entered the University to study theater.

Kelly Preston model looks quite handy with her work in film, in addition, she learned to present themselves favorably. Subsequently, famous photographers and fashion magazines often offered the actress to take part in a photo shoot. Notable, for example, the result of her work with the famous Hollywood photographers Firuz Zahedi and photographer Wolfgang Ludesom.

From time to time, has become a successful actress, Kelly Preston returns to the model work. For example, since 2005 it is the so-called talking model cosmetics company Neutrogena. Cooperation with this firm is to appear in the commercials on television and on billboards and posters.

For many years, Kelly Preston happily married to actor John Travolta. They have two children, and in recent years the actress is rarely seen in the photo alone. As a rule, these are family pictures in which Kelly, surrounded by loving people, smiling his charming smile.

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