Idols of the past: Rina Green

Idols of the past: Rina Green
 Rina Green with its irony, subtle humor, brilliant comedic talent - a special phenomenon in the domestic iskusstve.Ee, has a bright gift of improvisation, creating masterpieces of small roles, known and loved by all.
 Rina was born (Catherine) Green 7 November 1901. Her parents were very active life. Passions raged here because of what. Father to save on everything, and although this was not necessary. Mother has chosen as a method of combating excessive extravagance of his avarice. Could give junkman new baby clothes, buy sweets at the last money and give them to a neighbor's children.

A small, poorly dressed, homely, Katya differed autonomy, independence, subjugate and peers, and even teachers, already in childhood betrayed original, stinging phrase. So, in gratitude reported that "touched, moved, flipped, overturned."

Once Kate walked down the street, I noticed an advertisement for recruitment into the drama studio - and easily went there, and in 1919 began working on stage as a singer. But comedic gift, a passion for parody led to the fact that it has become a stage actress.

During the Civil War the family was in Odessa. There, in the theater basement Green sang, danced, there it from Catherine altered in Rina: full name does not fit on the poster. When Rina was back in Moscow, she had to work for free at the cabaret "Do not weep": the 20s were difficult, the young actress received as fees for food, feeding mother and sister. Under her tutelage and nephews were daughters older brother (who died in the war) and sisters.

Very soon there Rina Vasilevny fans all knew and loved her. Ladies hairdressers asked them to do a hairstyle "under Rina Green." Made famous by the actress as a "charming idiots" - so informally defined its role. Smart, sarcastic, sardonic, she created a gallery of such images.

And, often composing role itself. And not only roles: script "Foundling" she came up with together with Agnia Barto, a prototype of the heroine she served as a housekeeper Barto. Phrases from this sweet comedy immediately remembered the audience ("I like that! That's enough, but there is no piano!"). And in the movie "Spring" make-up artist was a male role. Rina Vasilyeva begged her and the director masterfully redone in women ("These lips are not now!").

Being already in advanced years, Rina Green changed roles: bright images of the wise turtle Tortilla unmatched Mrs. Hudson became classics of our cinema. A film about Sherlock Holmes was the last to Vasilevny Rina, she starred seriously ill, but a kind of sense of humor is not lost. "Now call me the ruins of the Green" - she said during the filming of director Maslennikov.

And how much joy brought her talent, children's vision of the world, kindness young viewers and listeners! She voiced children's radio program, known to all funny cartoon characters with her voice ("Who said meow?", "Vova in the kingdom of Far Far Away").

Rina Green died aprelya1991 1 year before they reach a few hours before giving it the title of People's actress of the USSR. But for all it is - people, beloved and unforgettable.

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