Elizabeth Taylor: woman and actress

Elizabeth Taylor: woman and actress
 The legendary Cleopatra, outstanding and beautiful Hollywood actress, received the very first on the "dream factory" fee of one million dollars, the wife of eight men, style icon and the mistress of one of the most expensive and important collections of jewelry in the world, and finally, the winner of three "Oscars" including the award "for his contribution to world cinema", all this - a woman and actress Elizabeth Taylor.
 Elizabeth Taylor (full name of the actress - Dame Elizabeth Rosemond) was born in the fashionable district of London, Hampstead. My father was a businessman and engaged in the sale of works of art. And the mother of the little Liz in his youth was an actress and a fairly successful debut on Broadway. Since the beginning of the Second World War, the family moved to Elizabeth from England to the United States.
And soon the girl's mother leads her to a casting studio «Universal Pictures», where the beauty of the young Liz hits the studio owners.

Already in 1941 with the start-9-year-old actress was awarded its first contract: the work in the film "There's One Born Every Minute." Picture of the expected success, and after its release all fans watched as a new star is born, which would later be called the Princess of Hollywood.

Work in the film "Father of the Bride," "A Place in the Sun" (from the book "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser), "Giant" and "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" (film adaptation of the play by Tennessee Williams) brought the actress success and high praise from critics and audiences as well as a nomination for "Oscar". But besides Taylor filming a movie played brilliantly and in theatrical productions. It is not only bright star in Hollywood, but the queen on Broadway.

Elizabeth Taylor is involved in the very expensive project at the time, a luxury movie "Cleopatra" in 1966. This picture has acquired a special significance for the actress, the main male role it played her husband Richard Burton. Their love story was as bright and passionate as the story of Antony and Cleopatra. And, despite the fact that the "Cleopatra" was not highly praised by critics at the box office it was expecting an unprecedented success, and the band forever in the history of American cinema.

His first "Oscar" Elizabeth Taylor received for his film "Butterfield 8" and the second statuette was awarded for the brilliant play in the drama of Mike Nichols' Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? ". The role of the actress Virginia called the most important and loved. And in 1997, already a legend of Hollywood actress Elizabeth Taylor was assigned to her third "Oscar" for his great contribution to the development of world cinema.

Men worshiped and generously gives her. Elizabeth Taylor was the owner of a unique collection of jewelery made up exclusively of the gifts of her husbands. Fabulously expensive engagement ring, a gift from the actress her first husband, hotel magnate Conrad Hilton; 30 carat diamond, presented his wife Hollywood producer Michael Todd; pearl "Peregrine", also called "wandering" in 55 carat adorning Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland as early as the mid-16th century and unique necklace with diamonds "Taj Mahal" in 70 carats, were purchased for the beloved wife of actor Richard Burton.

And she Elizabeth Taylor was royally generous, though, not only on the senses. Statement she said that all her favorite men became her legal husband. Among them is a billionaire and producers, but the normal operating Larry Fortensky. She was a loving mother of their four children. It Elizabeth Taylor in 1991 became the founder of the Fund to Fight AIDS, on the development of which the actress donated a huge personal funds.

Elizabeth Taylor - is not just a Hollywood star or a "style icon", as they call people on this scale, but real women, with a capital letter, which has become a legend in his lifetime. Great actress, Hope & Faith, a woman with a huge heart and a loving mother and wife, unique personality with a great sense of humor - Elizabeth Taylor will always be the most outstanding and unique subjugator Hollywood.

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