Elizabeth II - the real queen

Elizabeth II - the real queen
 British conservative attachment to their traditions, though is the subject of constant jokes, but many commands respect and even envy. Queen Elizabeth II, which refers to the dynasty of Windsor, took the throne in February 1952 to the present day with dignity cope with this difficult and honorable duty to be the head of the most famous royal families of those that have been preserved in the world.

Born future queen of April 21, 1926 and recently celebrated its 85th anniversary. Together with the entire nation, it experienced one of the most difficult periods of history and those dramatic changes that have occurred in the world during the years of her reign. All this time, Elizabeth II, despite numerous matrimonial scandals that have shaken the royal family remained a role model and never allowed the world to doubt those high moral qualities which she had since childhood.

Queen of England and the whole world has become the personification of classic British tradition and family values. She was married at age 26, she became the mother of 4 children and grandmother not only for his eight grandchildren, but for the entire nation, with whom she formed a warm, trusting and really family relationships. On the anniversary of the Queen's diamond wedding 280 thousand couples also celebrating their 60th anniversary of marriage, received from her congratulatory telegrams. As Christmas greetings with her servants received from the hands of Queen Elizabeth II more than 78,000 specially baked puddings.

Queen of the years of his reign was from his subjects about 3 million letters and many honorary awards and government awards in different countries. It was she who introduced the tradition of television congratulations to the nation on Christmas and the first in one of his radio address said the phrase: "Good night and good luck! ", Which is now used throughout the English-language journalism.

But Elizabeth II Queen is not decorative, but today it only performs representative functions and does not participate in the political life of the country. At the beginning of his reign, she enjoyed the right to appoint the prime minister, if the leader of the ruling party was not alone. The first of those heads of government, with whom she collaborated, was Winston Churchill, just as they were twelve. The government is still speaking to her, appreciating the awareness and experience of the queen. According to the Constitution, and today she has the right to authorize or prohibit the dissolution of parliament, appoint the prime minister, but does not use it, while remaining faithful to the traditions of the English royal house - to be above politics.

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