Charming Angelika Varum

Charming Angelika Varum
 Angelika Varum (her real name is Mary) was born in Lviv, May 26, 1969. Her parents were the composer Yuri Varum and theater director Galina Shapovalov. Due to constant touring education Varum engaged mainly grandmother. In their house always sounded different music, and little Mary already 5 years old began to learn to play the piano. From that moment began her musical path.
 The formation of the singer's father always worked, not trusting the music school. Future pop star was a very capable and in high school began to travel as part of the school theater on tour, where she sang Ukrainian songs to his own accompaniment on the guitar.

In the Moscow Theatre Institute, where Angelica went to enter, it "failed." From that moment on, she began working as a backing vocalist with his father in a recording studio. He recorded many artists, and Angelica, working with them to gain more experience and hone your skills.

It was time to deal with his own singing career. In 1990, she recorded the song "Midnight Cowboy," which became a hit. With it, she made her debut in the popular television show "Morning Post" and in the "Olympic".

The following year, a rising star released her first CD «Good Bye, my boy." The title track and "Wildflowers" became popular, and Angelika Varum reinforced her star status.

But the real glory of the young talented singer had just begun. The girl worked hard, producing annually discs, some songs sure to become hits. The song "La-la-fa", "town", "artist that paints a rain" is still popular and performed at every concert.

In addition to performances on stage, Angelika Varum started acting in movies, theater rabotalav. In particular, she played in the play by Leonid Trushkin, for his role in which was "The Seagull," starred as singer Svetlana Medvedeva in the series about Kamensky.

In the late nineties were released perfume "Angelika Varum", which proved to be the best-selling perfume.

In 1997, the singer began a creative alliance with other popular artists - Leonid Agutin. Joint clips, songs and touring Angelika Varum and Agutin were quite popular, critics praised the creative duo, and the audience believed that between them - a real passion. They were not mistaken, creative union became a family, and in 1999 the couple had a daughter, Lisa.

Couple still has toured, recorded new concert programs and is considered one of the most beautiful and prosperous family duos of our platform

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