Chains of marriage does not hold: Yves Montand and Simone Senor

Chains of marriage does not hold: Yves Montand and Simone Senor
 "More than love" - ​​can rightfully say about the relationship Simone Signoret and Yves Montand. Their life was cloudless, and the marriage has withstood many tests lasted 36 years.
 They met in August 1949. Already well-known actress Simone Signoret, who played in several films of her husband, director Yves Allegro, and aspiring singer, actor Music Hall Yves Montand.

Landmark meeting took place in the restaurant "Golden Dove" Provencal town of Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where Simone Signoret rested with a four-daughter, and Yves Montand acted in neighboring Cannes and Nice. Two years later they were married. Wedding celebrated in the "Golden Dove", whose owner was a witness at the marriage by the groom.

They seemed to be the exact opposite: educated, knowing several languages ​​and Simon son of an Italian immigrant farmer Eve. After meeting with Montand its main purpose Signoret believed to be his wife. She decides to leave the cinema and devote himself entirely to her husband. Signoret Montana accompanies all foreign tours and appearances, begins to knit and cook, read a lot, takes guests. The complex nature of Montana makes itself felt. Artist unpredictable and authoritarian. But all his antics Simon perceived with a constant smile. It was a time of great love and true passion.

Montand insists on returning to the cinema Signoret. And in 1960 she received an Oscar for the film "The Way to the Top." In Montana at this time are performances in America. In Los Angeles, they live next door to the famous married couple in Hollywood - the playwright Arthur Miller and actress Marilyn Monroe.

Both couples spend much time together, but soon Miller went to Ireland and Signoret sent to the shooting in Italy. Montana was invited to star in the film "Let's Make Love", where his partner becomes Monroe.

They begin a whirlwind romance, which becomes an ordeal for Signoret. Journalists literally haunt her, ask questions inconsiderate. It is through the power of smiles and expresses confidence that Montand will be back soon.

At this time, drowning stress Signoret addicted to alcohol. On the last shooting day ended an affair with Marilyn Monroe Montana, and he returned to the Signoria.

She still accompanies him on tour, but no longer resist the age and aging prematurely. In 1985, Simone Signoret was dying of cancer. After her death at his concerts Montand always leaves an empty seat in the eighth row, it was a place of Simone.

But in spite of this in his life appears Karol Amel young secretary, whom he met during his lifetime Signoret. In 1988, 67-year-old Montand for the first time becomes a father, and in 1991, the artist suddenly dies of a heart attack. Testamentary Yves Montand, he was buried in the same grave with Simone Signoret.

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