Carla Bruni and her biography

Carla Bruni and her biography
 Today, Carla Bruni is the wife of the French president and the first lady of the state. This bright and talented girl successfully visited in my life as an Italian-French singer and model, songwriter and myzyki.  

Born in Turin, December 23, 1967, Charles 5 years lived with his parents in France, but until 2008 had Italian citizenship. At age 19, she decided to try to make a career as a model for the urgent advice of friends. The first contract signed by Carla took place in the fashion world with the famous agency City Models. This brought her success, making Bruni one of the most famous models in the mid 90s. In addition to the podium, another fad Carla were shooting in several motion pictures in small roles, including in the film Alain Berberian's Paparazzi (1988).

In 1999, Carla Bruni invited Julien Clerc, the famous French artist, a few songs written by Carla itself. Songs like the singer so that they were included in a music album Si j'étais elle. Three years later came the debut music album already Bruni Quelqu'un m'a dit, where the author of the majority of texts and music is herself. The success of the album was so overwhelming that in 2004 Bruni received the highest music award an annual prize in the nomination "the best singer of the year."

In 1997, Bruni has decided to permanently leave the podium and take only a singing career. Prior to his marriage to Sarkozy, Carla gave birth to a boy eagle kotorog father was Rafael Ents, student 23 years of age. However, the first official husband of Carla Sarkozy became just the fall of 2007. In 2008, Bruni finally became a French citizen.

Now the former model and singer Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, 43, among her many lovers were such famous personalities as Mick Jagger, Kevin Costner, and Laurent Fabyus. For Sarkozy, Bruni was the third official wife and soon the couple Sarkozy expected to replenish the family.

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