Biography stars: Irina Allegrova

Biography stars: Irina Allegrova
 Empress of the Russian pop music has long stirred the hearts of each and crazy men in a low voice husky. She sings about love, singing, so that makes the heart flutter, excites and fascinates. Soulful songs, loved all the hits, stunningly beautiful ballet chic costumes - all Irina Allegrova.

The future star was born in Rostov - on - Don Cossacks city on the banks of the famous river in 1952. Her parents - known in wider circles of people. Father - director and actor operetta, and my mother - operetta diva. The fate of the young Irene was predetermined from birth, it was supposed to be and become a star.

In 1960 the family moved to Irina for permanent residence in Baku, where the girl was able to get his musical education at the Baku Conservatory. After the birth of her daughter Allegrova went to conquer the capital, and she succeeded. She worked in the country's leading orchestras, such as the famous orchestra Leonid Utesov.

And already in 1985 Allegrova sang songs of Oscar Felzman on recital as part of the vocal-instrumental ensemble "Moscow Lights". Next on the horizon lit up a new star group "Electroclub", where she performed Irina Allegrova, at the time the band was extremely popular and literally toured across the country.

The singer began a solo career in 1990, left the group. Author of her hits was Igor Nikolaev. Famous hits "Wanderer", "narrowing my", "Ugonschitsa" blew all the charts of the vast country. Her unusual voice, soulful, outer beauty and charisma helped to take and stay on the leading position on the national stage.

Cooperation with Igor steep had the difficult years 1996-1998. The result of their joint activities have become hits "Unfinished Novel", "I am the clouds spreading his hands", "Empress". Since Allegrova dubbed the "Empress of the Russian pop crazy."

In July 2000, Allegrovoj received the title of "Honored Artist of Russia." On the eve of his birthday, the singer was awarded the title "People's Artist of the Russian Federation", which was signed by Dmitry Medvedev.

However, Irina tried herself not only in the stage, she also tried to write romance novels. There were three of her published works, but she Allegrova believes that the experiment was a failure.

Now Irina family consists of her mother, her daughter and grandson Alexander, to whom she dedicated her latest album "Theatre ...".

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