Biography Natalia Botchkareva

Biography Natalia Botchkareva
 At school, she hated the lessons of Informatics and boy Sergei Morozov, who diligently pulled her by the hair and did not let pass in the hallways. Natasha even had to do judo, so great was the desire for revenge. Classmates called her "Boccia" insulting nickname once now it seems the actress Natalia Botchkareva even affectionate, she's not offended by colleagues in the theater, who continue to call her by that name.  

Looking at the smiling face of the actress, you know, that is the barrel, from which there was her married name was clearly filled with something that charges unrestrained energy. Bochkareva from childhood used to achieve their goals - because she Leo horoscope, leader and autocrat.

Girl Natasha than just not fond of: dancing, went to drama school, sang ditties and even burns! Wanted to become a journalist, but graduated from Nizhny Novgorod Theatre School in 2000, and two years later - Moscow Art Theatre School, she studied at the very Tabakov. There was a lot of independent work, but Bochkareva successfully cope with it, because of her shoulders already had experience teaching acting.

Study over and took her into the company of the Moscow Art Theatre. The actress admits that does not regret moving to the capital: the city has about 200 theaters, everyone will find a place under the sun.

Natalia Bochkarev pretty much plays: performances of "The Cabal of Hypocrites", "Piemonte Beast", "The violin and a little nervously," "Zero" and "The Lower Depths" Oleg Tabakov. But the incredible popularity and people's love actress brought the role of Dasha Bukina in the sitcom "Happy Together".

Botchkareva was only 25 years old when she was asked to play Dasha, 40-year-old mother of two adult children. But the actress did not hesitate and enthusiastically set to work. They have something in common - both energetic and positive. Dasha Bukin with humor experiencing various critical and crisis situations in life, so it looks best.

We can say that Natalia Bochkarev torn between two families - cine Bukin family and his own, with her husband, lawyer Nikolai Borisov. During the filming of the actress managed to become a mother in 2007 was born the son of Ivan, and a year later a daughter Masha.

Bochkareva lot is removed, running 12 hours a day. Of course, at first, until the children were very tiny, she had a pretty hard. Now the situation has changed a bit - son is in kindergarten. However, the famous mother tries to spend with children all my free time. One day a week she is fully committed to the family and kids.

Natalia Bochkarev not only a successful actress in demand, but also a popular TV - last year she has several television programs on one of the Russian channels.

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