Audrey Tautou: the life of the beloved "Amelie"

Audrey Tautou: the life of the beloved "Amelie"
 Wherever starred Audrey Tautou, in the minds of the Russian audience, it remains in the first place, Amelie from Montmartre - naive and strange girl, who believes in miracles. The role that the young French actress was accidental, by coincidence, suddenly made the darling Audrey hundreds of thousands of people around the world.
 As a rule, parents do not advise young daughters to learn the profession of an actress, because to become a "star" is possible only to a few. In the family of Audrey Tautou Justine situation is just the opposite. Girl, dreaming of a serious profession primatologist (researcher monkeys), did not find understanding from his father and mother, who strongly encouraged her to enter a theater. And even pay for expensive courses acting in the best drama school in Paris. So the dream of working in the natural habitat of monkeys and gorillas remained unsold for Audrey. But the French cinema of the late twentieth - the beginning of the twenty-first century has found one of the most promising actresses of his generation.

For twenty years in the asset Audrey Tautou was incomplete higher education at the Sorbonne, in the Faculty of French Language and Literature, short experience of secretarial work and first film role. However, not so well to speak about it to criticism. The next three years Tautou starred in episodes of migratory movies, until finally she was not from the agent received an offer to audition for the lead role in the comedy "Beauty Shop" Venus "." Later, the actress recalled that she was late for a meeting with the director, and cried in despair, until he agreed to take her. Efforts were not in vain: for their work Audrey was the first film award. But the main thing - this role made her famous long enough to learn about it Jean-Pierre Jeunet, who sought the main character for his new project.

Amelie Poulain character originally was called Emily and was created for a particular actress Emily Watson, the main character Serial drama "Breaking the Waves". However, Emily refused to shoot, so that the name of the main character was reinterpreted in the French manner, and Jean-Pierre Jeunet began searching for an actress who would be able to bring to the screen a strange and unusual Amelie from Montmartre. Audrey Tautou, with its tiny, romantic appearance and charming children's face went perfectly. The film received five nominations for "Oscar" award "Cesar" and many others, and Audrey Tautou has been recognized as "the most promising young actress in France." Her career took off sharply.

Today, on account of Audrey - starring roles in such films as "The Da Vinci Code", "A Very Long Engagement," "Coco Before Chanel". With the brand name "Chanel" she also contract for advertising of spirits. And in 2009, Tautou and debuted as a stage actress, playing Nora in "A Doll's House" by Ibsen. Yet huge fees, people's love and world fame could not stiffened her childhood dream. The first thing that made Audrey Tautou, becoming a famous actress with a substantial fee - accompanied by her sister went to Indonesia. There she watched the life of monkeys in the reserve, and on his return to France, told reporters that "the nature helps to solve the problem. A surveillance monkeys useful life for each of us. "

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