Anna Ardova: the ability to laugh in the genes

Anna Ardova: the ability to laugh in the genes
 Currently, Anna's face Ardov little familiar, because it changes on the screen tens of guises. The ability to transform and sense of humor brought actress national love.
 Anna Ardova - the heroine of the popular sketch show "One for all", where dozens of plays a variety of characters from loud saleswoman sausage to Rublev blonde. Like actress to star in comedies, she said, people laugh harder than make cry. In life, it is not sad, do not understand the words - "stress", "depression", but perfectly familiar with such displays of emotion as breaking dishes or cry. After this quickly recovers and regrets about what happened, but people close to agree with her.

Husband of actress, Alexander Shavrin, loved her when she was pregnant by another man. For many years they were together and happy. When offered the role of Anna in a good movie, it is always advisable to close, only then make a decision. The success of the star did not come immediately, since birth, she had to prove their worth. She was born with a low birth weight - 1 kg - with fibroma of the lungs. In Theatre Institute entered the fifth attempt. Mother refused to make patronage Anna, and only now she realized how much they were right.

After graduation, Anna played in the Theater. Mayakovsky - once a week, the rest of the stay at home and ran the household. And then attributed their photos to the agency and the start of the casting. Ardov argued for the role, her self-confidence grew and at the same time strengthened the belief in our own strength.

The actress said that her famous family: his grandfather, Victor Ardov - satirist, grandmother, Nina Ol'shevskaya - actress Arts Theater, uncle, Alexei Batalov - actor, mother, Mira Ardova - Actress Spectators and stepfather, Igor Starygin - did not play a role in its glory, but very contributed talents and maintained throughout life in all your endeavors.

Anna has two children who did not inherit her character, but in films and produced the first fees. Actress enjoys sewing dolls, which gives the friends and acquaintances, and his daughter and son in this actively help.

Anna Ardov there are rewards. She - winner of the "Taffy - 2010" in the category "Faces" for Best Actress in a sketch show "One for all".

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