Selecting a New Year gift from the point of view of psychology

Selecting a New Year gift from the point of view of psychology
 Choosing a gift - it is responsible and important from every point of view. After all, except that it is necessary to determine the value, attractiveness and relevance, you need to evaluate a gift from the standpoint of human psycho. Psychologists distinguish four categories of people according to their method of perception of the world: it audialy and visuals, discrete and kinesthetic.
 The group audialov include people who are by nature endowed with good hearing and excellent memory. For them, the most appropriate gift for the new year will be all that is connected with the sounds. Entries famous musicians kits relaxation recording noise forests, roar of the surf, or thunder. Audio and various Soup to play it (speakers, headphones) will be accepted by these people as a great gift. Children of this group can give toy musical instruments (pipes, drums, harmonica).

Visuals is a group of people who perceive the world through sight, ie eyes. Usually they are connoisseurs of art. They are interested in all exquisite, aesthetic and elegant. Oil painting, in an expensive frame. Superbly made wall panels or forged home accessories. Excellent people perceive such fine books published on quality paper with a lot of color illustrations.

People who know the world through touch, physical touch, called kinesthetic. For them valuable Prezent will be all that you can touch, feel, whereby you can give comfort and warmth of your home. Look out for a man in an unusual decorative candles candlestick, aromatic lamp in an oriental style, the original table lamp or a sconce. Children should be fine toys that can be changed, ie, designers, modeling kits, toy-filled.

Another group of people - it is discrete. Difficult enough notorious, for the most part closed to the outside world the human type. In his personal life they are not sociable, difficult to start dating. It is very touchy, sensitive and easily vulnerable. Naturally, these people give briefs with Christmas symbols or razor - not the best option. But they, like anyone else, appreciate the gift made by your own hands. They take it for expressing your good attitude to them. Child belonging to this type, would be delighted board game in which you have to play with the company.

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