Outlets: buy at a discount!

Outlets: buy at a discount!
 Among Russians traveling abroad, outlet have long gained popularity. The opportunity to buy things known brands at half price or even cheaper still attracts tourists traveling through Europe. Someone gets a relatively inexpensive home appliances, but mainly from outlets bring clothes, shoes and bags.

In 1936, the US trade was not the best way. Countries recovering from the Great Depression, saving on everything. Factories were mountains of unsold goods. It is disappointing circumstance has forced the owner of one of the factories open warehouse in which past seasons clothes sold at a substantial discount. The store was named Outlet (from the English "outlet" - drain), quickly began to make a profit, and then he began to appear imitators across the country, and then - and around the world.

Today Outlets, or stock stores that are year-round sale of obsolete branded collections of stamps or surplus goods, work successfully both in the US and throughout Europe and Asia. Russia can not boast of such innovations. Separate sinks there with us, but they do exist in the form of small boutiques, while European Outlets are whole countryside villages filled with one-story shops, hangars.

The secret to trading success outlets - in a constant turnover (daily for cheap goods come crowds of locals and tourists) and minimal maintenance costs of the store. What looks unassuming premises where sold stock collections of clothes and shoes, the more there is a discount on them. However, some European Outlets calculated more foreign tourists than locals tend to formalize their boutiques in accordance with the design of large shopping centers. So, Italian OutletCastel Guelfo, located in the Emilia-Romagna region, boasts even a small area in the center of which is the original fountain with hover jets of water.

The only drawback outlets - in their distance from the city center. Buses lined up in the direction away shops, hangars, as a rule, do not go. Therefore, tourists without their own car, there are only two ways to get into the stock stores. Either under its own power (taxi, rent a car), or with the help of hotel guides that are usually for a fee are offered a place in a comfortable bus. It is important to remember that rare person leaves without Outlet mountains packages, and even a suitcase with shopping, so you should take care of the luggage space.

Each European country can boast Outlet, but most of them in Italy. One of the most popular is thirty kilometers from Florence, to get to him out of the city will cost at least 25 euros. France should look for an outlet Shopping Village, which stretches close to Disneyland. And to Berlin's Outlet Designer Outlet Berlin and can be reached by train, however, will have to go some distance on foot.

All Western Outlets are usually open seven days a week. They cease to operate only on national holidays: Easter and Christmas Eve. A Christmas vacation on stock items are also additional discounts, which together may reach 70 percent.

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