How to choose jeans

How to choose jeans
 The answer to the question of what kind of clothing is the most popular, long leaves no room for doubt. Of course, it is the most versatile piece of any wardrobe - jeans. However, another question - what kind of jeans - causes more difficulties. In fact, he is also quite simply allowed: it should be jeans fit.  

Unfortunately, it is impossible once and for all find their perfect pair of jeans. Each time, deciding to choose a new pair, be prepared for the fact that half remeasure store. Search is your model you have to spend time, but one thing is for sure - you can never say that it is wasted.

Facilitate the search for help a few simple tips on how to choose jeans fit. To find better not to go to the market, but in a good shop. Better to spend the money to buy one, but the quality pair that will last you for years and will not change shape than every six months to throw another cheap new clothes, warped beyond recognition.

The basic rule - choose jeans that seem more intimate. Focus on how they are fastened - this process should cause some difficulties. The fabric from which made these pants, easily stretched and takes the shape of your body. This happens every time after washing, so it is usually advised to try on jeans of his size and a size smaller. To navigate the US measures, subtract from its size in the Russian system number 16 - this will be the size of your jeans.

Pay attention to the stitching, seams, edging and accessories tightness of buttons and keys. They must be robust, uniform stitches formed (in the case of joints). Rivets is usually a logo or company name, - the quality of the engraving may say a lot about the quality of the selected pair. Please note that the popular brands do not put their name in a prominent position.

Check the quality of the paint - it is enough to resort to using a simple wet matches. Spend it on a fabric look, whether there is paint on the tree.

Look for a pair that is right for your type of figure. The process of selection may be reduced if remember that loose jeans, flared bottom, better to choose a major or a girl to those who wish to visually elongate. Serve the same purpose and short jeans, narrow and tight. Women with luxurious shapes and wide hips better to abandon the clutter accessories.

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