Gift not only for memory

 Valentine's Day - this is another reason to recall his feelings to the person who owns your heart. Still, lucky man, because a woman is not difficult to please. Bouquet of flowers, a gentle kiss, dinner in a pleasant establishment - and her eyes lit up, and the soul singing. Once our second half reserved for a win-win all the options we will have, as always, to work a little head to once again hear: Amazing! That's what I was lacking. You're the best !. On the pages of women's magazine JustLady - advice on choosing the original and, most importantly, useful gifts valentines.

Adventures electronics

Men appreciate two kinds of gifts: practical and status. Pointless to expect that he would be happy even the prettiest statues or three o'clock is the best place to look for a heart-shaped pillow. In a man's world its values: they love things that can be used, and preferably in front of the astonished audience. Things that make it easier and make life easier. Things that make leisure (including friends) more comfortable.

Even if a man does not tinkering with his own hands, and to replace the light bulb is an electrician, he meant it, confessing his love for art. He is referring to your car, your computer and your TV or home theater. It's hard to find a man who does not have at least one of these three items (unless he is in the army or in jail). And the presence of electronic friends have chosen greatly simplifies the life of us women, because we can always choose something from the accessories and gadgets for them.

If your man has got a mobile phone with integrated GPS-navigator, he will most likely forgot to buy himmounting slots. It is attached to the windshield suction cup car and, thanks to flexible "leg" allows you to rotate the screen mobile, showing the way, in any direction. Man appreciate - because he does not have to attach the phone on the dashboard and make sure that he fell on a sharp turn.

Perhaps a bit more complicated - your favorite dreams of a new mobile phone with the ability to navigate, or a separate navigation device, but this is very expensive pleasure does not fit into his plans? Give himGPS-receiver - Miniature flat box, which, once installed on the phone special software will enable mobile work better than the "real" browser (be sure to first find out if it supports his phone technology Bluetooth).

A separate class of automobile male pleasures -Devices that operate or be charged from the cigarette lighter. Their modern variety is truly amazing and satisfies every taste and budget. Among them is the car vacuum cleaners, coffee pots and supersteady safe (including liquid cooling function), and the driver's seat heaters, and termoskrebki in seconds rescues icy night car from snow captivity.

Earn the most geek emerges from the depths of their virtual, with gratitude to kiss a girl, gave him a Valentine's Dayfingerprint custodian.

Gift not only for memory

This is a new kind of usual USB-drive ("flash"), data from which can be read only by the owner, putting her finger to a sensor that reads the unique imprint. Last squeak -fingerprint flash drive, equipped with an audio device and a stereo headset included. At any point of the globe, in the farthest trip (assuming, of course, that in this godforsaken corner still has the Internet) to your favorites will be in touch with you, keeping everything on a secure medium settings and passwords of their programs.

By the way, another option please fans of Internet telephony -Wireless Headset. Extremely useful thing - he will finally be able to move away from the computer farther than fifty centimeters long cord headphones!

And what is to please the TV and home theater? Of Course,universal remote control. When the house is more than one device with the ability to control one (or even more) is required to control mysteriously lost. And you have to get up off the couch to make louder or turn rewind drive. This is inhuman. Universal remote with the ability to service multiple devices (from the TV to the sound system) elegantly solves this problem.

Not found in the sale of such control or conservative man does not trust multifunction DEVICE? Give himpocket-travel bag for remote controls. They are available in different colors and textures, so this accessory can be adapted to any furniture. Fastened it on the sofa or chair and accommodate as many consoles as it has, and even magazines and a packet of crisps. This lovely thing is pretty simple, and seamstress can sew it herself.

Priceless comfort of everyday life

Oddly enough, choose gifts for a loved one can not only at electronics stores. All men - sybarite though often do not know about it. But few of them give upleptreya (laptray), of knee supports. And having received it, your partner does not get tired to wonder how he lived without this device.

Gift not only for memory

Leptrey is a board measuring approximately 50 by 30 cm (variations are possible) with a soft pouch on the back side. Bag stuffed with polyurethane balls, buckwheat husk, silicone crumbs - loose light materials, easily takes the form of the body. Leptrey - the perfect stand for laptop overheats, if it is put on the sofa or abdomen (stomach, which is typical, not too cool in the heat running cooler). He ergonomically distributes the body weight of the computer sitting or lying down, and even leptrey indispensable for fans to eat in bed - it's great and sensitively holds the balance, not allowing a cup of steaming coffee to tip over, barely a body under a blanket on the half-degree change its position in space.

Speaking of coffee. A man loves a real Italian espresso, strong as abuse, and hot as passion? Give himGeyser coffee - Small and extremely easy to care and use of kitchen appliances, perfectly preserves the taste and aroma of coffee.

Gift not only for memory

Such a thing is, every Italian. Good both manual and electric geyser coffee makers, the principle of which is that coffee, meal repeatedly scalding steam jet extending from the bottom. In just five minutes, make a cup of coffee this amazing espresso. Or two small cups ...

The next version - for couples who are not the first day together and share experiences not only romantic, but also everyday reality. Do any of us heart bleeds at the sight of men, frantically seeking couple for sock. Or a clean shirt right color. He will appreciate your gesture - elegantly packaged20 pairs of identical black socks and10 plain tishotok significantly simplify his life at least until next Valentine's Day.

And in any case it is impossible that he thought you forgot about his love for outings! Strengthen it in mind that you not only against these attacks, and, moreover, even want to make them more comfortable, so - frequent and prolonged, will help such a gift, asFoldable barbecue set and the package specially prepared coal.

Gift not only for memory

In the "inactive" as barbecues fits easily in the trunk, and to heat it, without disturbing anyone, quietly lie down on the mezzanine. Prepare to evaluate the culinary talents of his men, but first - take his warmest thanks.

Author: Olga mob
Women's magazine JustLady

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