Buy clothing boutique or a flea market?

Buy clothing boutique or a flea market?
 Where to buy clothes - the choice is purely personal. Whether to make it in favor of the market or boutique, is largely dependent on income, but this is not always the case. Preferences, as well as tastes are so different that sometimes other people seem absurd.
 Most of those who buy clothes in a boutique and looks for a brand. Ideally, the way it is - in the boutique, you can buy the actual clothes pret-a-porter. Only necessary to consider that such clothing is divided into several classes. The first - a luxury model, which are produced in very limited quantities. The second class is also high quality production of one model already comes to 100-200 copies. Judge for yourself how easy it is to find such an exclusive. Clothes third grade, which has a large circulation and the fourth, which has no restrictions on the amount you can freely buy. The main advantage of the garment - what it is new, trend and quality. Although the last two characteristics is not always possible to guess. So, buying clothes in boutiques, you need to be careful.

What is the difference between the present instance of branded clothing and fake? Ready-to-wear - brand clothing factory production. It is possible that such plants are located in China, respectively, it is not necessary every time to succumb to the stereotype of the "China - poor quality." However, in order not to buy a fake follow the simple rules: study tags and double check thing. Pay attention to the seam line, quality fabric and so on., The main thing - the clothes should be neat.

For many everyday things still go to the flea market. But this can not be called fashionable clothing and the better, even though this sometimes comes across. Therefore, all the same main advantage flea markets remains cheap goods. Sometimes the excitement of finding good things at an affordable price attracts even more. Clothes at flea markets can be as new and b / y. Sometimes that's the charm, and, because the market can even find vintage items. As for quality, here, too, can be like a good product or not at all. If you really try, then maybe a good idea to dress up and at the flea market.

Of course, everyone has their own preferences about shopping. Someone goes only in boutiques, someone on the market, and some combine both, and more. And as practice shows, regardless of where to buy clothes, if it is done with the mind, then the appropriate wardrobe can be purchased there, and there.

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