Person: Sogdiana

Person: Sogdiana
 Sogdiana became known Russian listener after participating in a musical project "Star Factory 6", but few people know that the girl came to the project, as a popular singer in Uzbekistan. Participation in the project has helped her to become known throughout the CIS.

Oksana Nechitailo known as Sogdiana, was born February 17, 1984 in Tashkent in the family of an engineer and a doctor. Since childhood, girl amazed relatives and guests of their creative abilities. Parents were able to channel the energy of Oksana in the right direction and gave it to a music school, where she worked for 11 years in a piano class. She predicted a great future, but Oksana wanted more, so with the 8th grade girl started to practice singing.

Sogdiana began to participate in various music competitions in Uzbekistan, later she traveled to Bulgaria, Italy and France. In all countries it visited it became the winner of the festival. That victory made her think about the release of an album, which appeared in 2001. A year later, she became a student of the State Conservatory of Uzbekistan.

In 2003, Oksana was one of the most prestigious awards of Uzbekistan - State Prize "Nihol". In 2004, she released a second album, which hits resound throughout Uzbekistan. And two years later she noticed Victor Drobysh, Russian producer of "American Idol 6". Sogdiana not become the winner of this project, but in her repertoire has another hit - "Heart Magnet", which glorified talented singer in Russia.

When "Star Factory" came to an end, Sogdiana went on tour in support of the project, which lasted six months and passed through the territory of Russia and CIS countries. Parallel she managed to give recitals in Uzbekistan tickets that were sold out as if hotcakes. In 2006, the home of the singer left the tape with her participation: "Khoja Nasreddin" and "Sogdiana". After a while Sogdiana received "Golden Gramophone" for the song "Heart Magnet", and in 2007 she began work on the first Russian-language album.

In 2008, the Russian-language album released Sogdiana "Heart Magnet". Now the singer continues to tour across the CIS countries, delighting fans of his talent.

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