Person: Anastasia

Person: Anastasia
 Known to all Anastasia was born January 20, 1976 in Leningrad. Her father was a champion of Europe and the USSR table tennis, and my mother worked as an engineer and a guide in Leningrad. Anastasia - a former ballet dancer of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatre, winner of many awards, actress, Honored Artist of Russia, a member of the party "United Russia" and People's Artist of Karachay-Cherkessia. It's all about her, about Anastasia Volochkova.

Biography Anastasia is not only full of ups and achievements but also failures and disappointments. In spite of all its detractors, its star success every year inflames more and more. Despite the celebrity status, she is fighting for financial success and happiness in their lives with their own hands.

Love for ballet woke up in Volochkovoj the age of five after watching "The Nutcracker" at the Mariinsky Theatre. It was then she decided that would be a famous ballerina. Anastasia entered the Academic Choreography School in Leningrad, and decided to take a six-month probationary period, explaining that the girl has no talent.

Volochkova graduated from college with honors and then joined the Mariinsky Theatre, where she performed until 1998. For four years, she played leading roles in ballets "Don Quixote", "Giselle", "Nutcracker", "Sleeping Beauty" and others. After that Anastasia was invited to the Bolshoi Theatre in the capital of Russia - Moscow.

Anastasia is very demanding not only to other people and partners in ballet, but also to itself first. She does not trust their employers, and creates an interesting solo program and begins to travel around the world on tour, which received an incredible success. In 2000, Volochkova jury "Golden Lion" recognizes the most talented ballerina. In the same year she leaves the Bolshoi Theatre, but a year later, already back at the request of the choreographer Yuri Grigorovich to participate in the ballet "Swan Lake".

In 2005, a daughter, Anastasia, whom she named Ariadne. Volochkova opposed to her daughter studied ballet, and says that it would be better Ariadne became a singer. Two years later she married Igor Vdovin, a prominent businessman, with whom lived only one year leave. But after that they continue to communicate perfectly, assuring all in the endless human friendship.

Cherished dream of a ballerina - to build a ballet school for children and its own theater. In 2010, Anastasia was published in the blog series of photos, which appeared in the nude in all its glory, which caused criticism from.

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