Biography star: Dakota Fanning

Biography star: Dakota Fanning
 Hannah Dakota Fanning - one of the youngest and most promising actresses in Hollywood. Despite his young age, this girl appeared in nearly 40 films and is not going to stop there.
 The aspiring actress was born on February 23, 1994 in a small American town of Conyers. Her parents - professional athletes - and could not assume that just a few years their elder daughter become known worldwide actress.

Undoubted talent manifested girls from early childhood. From 4 years old Dakota began to attend drama school, where staff, noting the ability of the child, her parents were advised to hire the daughter agent. The family did not spare money for a trip to Los Angeles, where a pretty girl first appeared in advertising detergent "Tide", and then got her first role in the teen comedy "Tomcats", easily surpassing the casting of other contenders.

Appear on the screen talented girl was seen in Hollywood, and Dakota was showered with offers, many of them related to serious dramatic roles. In 2001, Dakota Fanning very successful co-starred in the film "I - Sam," where she played the daughter of a mentally ill father (Sean Penn). For this role, the girl has been nominated for a Screen Actors Guild and the American became the youngest contenders for the history of this award. When Dakota during the ceremony came on the scene, it became clear that the growth nominee is clearly not enough to reach the microphone. The ceremony Orlando Bloom had to hold the microphone in front of young talent, while the girl was giving numerous greetings and gratitude.

In 2002, Dakota Fanning starred in the thriller "24 hours", where she played the role of the kidnapped girl's parents. Next was a collaboration with Reese Witherspoon in the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and the role in the series "Kidnapped" and the comedy "The Cat" and "Uptown Girls."

Needless to say that the beautiful and talented Dakota Fanning was just a great demand among the big-name directors. List of co-star of the young stars is impressive: Dakota starred with Denzel Washington in "anger", Robert De Niro in the film "Hide and Seek", Kurt Russell in "Dreamer", Tom Cruise in "War of the Worlds."

The older the Dakota, the more serious and controversial became her role. In particular, at the age of 12 years old girl shot in the film "hunted", about which the press turned serious discussion - in fact in this film heroine Dakota sexually abused.

In 2008-2009, the grown Dakota starred in "The Secret Life of Bees," "Flight of long life" and "The Fifth Dimension". Even more popular girl brought the role in the popular "Twilight."

The first truly adult role Dakota Fanning was in the movie "The Runaways," in which she not only played a soloist rock band, but also recorded several sound tracks.

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