Zanzibar: long live the lazy!

Zanzibar: long live the lazy!
 For the sophisticated traveler Zanzibar - a paradise with white sand beaches, warm ocean, coral reefs and the possibility of absolute idleness. Just a couple of decades ago, this archipelago got a romantic wanderers, ever ready to spend the night in a hut, even outdoors. However, after Zanzibar became one of the most fashionable areas of relaxation tourism, the situation has changed.
 In fact, three of Zanzibar in nature: the archipelago, the island of the archipelago belongs to this, he is also known as Unguja, and the city - the capital of the island. Despite the fact that Zanzibar is legally a part of Tanzania, the archipelago has its own president and parliament, and in January 2005 Zanzibaris first raised its sovereign flag. Freedom, albeit nominal, means a lot to people, whose homeland for centuries under the jurisdiction of the European, the Arab states. By the way, the Arab influence was decisive in terms of religion today, the vast majority of Zanzibaris are Muslim, and only a few have remained committed to the ancient pagan cult or embraced Christianity.

Before becoming a mecca tired of the bustle of the city tourists, Zanzibar was known as the largest supplier of all kinds of spices to Europe. An echo of past glory are now popular with visitors' spice tours "- trips, during which you can not only look at the collection and cultivation of spices, but also to take part in their treatment, for example, currently nastrogat cinnamon.

Trade topic goes for a walk in Stone Town, a city founded in the ninth century as a huge market. Today, "Stone City" (as translated his name) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. See it, despite its small size, there is something: here and Arabic fort, and the Anglican Cathedral, where are buried the heart of the great traveler David Livingstone, and the palace of Princess Fatima, striking oriental luxury. And yet - the former slave market, the catacombs, where hid runaway slaves, and, of course, Daradzhani bazaar where you can buy exotic spices. From Stone Town and go for boat trips to the island Prison ("prison"), which previously contained criminals, and now live giant tortoises and representatives of rare breeds of monkeys.

Spending time in Zanzibar tourists often want to beaches: clean, filled with special white sand. From morning till evening on the coast can be seen groups of visitors, who are so imbued with the spirit of lazy island, they find the strength to just dive into the Indian Ocean or limp to the nearest bar. In addition to tourists, Zanzibar coast inhabited by fishermen and children who spend all day in the water, sometimes helping mothers in the plantation of algae that you want to crawl at low tide.

Those who do decide to overcome laziness and get the adrenaline pumping, go to Boribi Reef - Zanzibar best place for diving. Or go on a safari in the only national park in Zanzibar, which is a tropical rain forest.

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