What to see in Paris

What to see in Paris
 In fact, it's a hard question. The choice is enormous attractions. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. And, of course, plays an important role amount of time you plan to spend in Paris. However, there are places that are a must-visit.  
 First of all, this is the place where, in fact, began the history of Paris - Cité island and Notre Dame Cathedral. He is the geographical and spiritual "heart" of the city. Magnificent architectural masterpiece mesmerizing.

If you go inside the cathedral, go up - you will see the beautiful panorama of Paris. Also stored here great relic of Christianity - Christ's crown of thorns.

Going round the cathedral on the left, you will find yourself in a quarter Ansen cloister with a maze of old buildings still remain from the 15th century.

Of course, we can not ignore the Champs-Elysées - the most famous avenue in the world. Walk from the largest square in Paris, called the Concorde to the Arc de Triomphe on the right side. Architectural masterpieces here, but the place itself is certainly unique.

Another famous symbol of Paris - the Eiffel Tower. It is the most visited place. The stairs or the elevator you can climb to the top - there are visible for three levels. The most stunning view of the city from the last, third level.

If you move away a little to the southeast from the Eiffel Tower, you will be taken to the Campus Martius. This is where the events took place a popular uprising in 1791, was adopted by the first French constitution. Hence Blanchard made its first flight in a balloon.

Be sure to visit Montmartre - one of the most picturesque quarters of Paris. Stand back a bit from the Place du Tertre, filled with artists, walk up the stairs and streets. Climb to the top of the hill, to the Basilica of Sacre Coeur, enjoy the magnificent views of the city in a pinkish haze. Here it is best to buy souvenirs.

Downstairs, you will come to the Place Pigalle. Quarter around it enjoys the fame shelter debauchery. Here are sex shops, lingerie shops, videobar decorated stands with pornography.

Coming in from the area to the west around the block Clichy, you will leave the square Blanche. Here is the famous Moulin Rouge.

Wander through the picturesque Latin Quarter on the Left Bank. There are plenty of cafes where you can inexpensively snack shops, souvenir shops.

Walk along the Boulevard Saint-Michel, walk to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Here liked to walk many celebrities - Chekhov, Bunin, Akhmatova, Lenin, Trotsky.

You can still see the magnificent building of the Grand Opera, stroll along the Rue de Rivoli - the greatest masterpiece of urban design, explore Place de la Bastille.

And, of course, do not forget to visit the two famous museum - the Louvre and Orsay

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