What to see in Monte Carlo

What to see in Monte Carlo
 City Monte Carlo - the administrative territory of Monaco. Located on the rocky coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Monte Carlo welcomes visitors good infrastructure, wonderful beaches, expensive hotels and a large selection of entertainment and attractions.
 Monte Carlo city of excitement and entertainment. Here is the most famous casinos in the world. Once on the Place du Casino, you are literally breathing will bring delight. The casino was built in 1863 and consists of several rooms that are decorated with paintings, sculptures, bas-reliefs. Surround the building gardens and terraces with beautiful flower beds.

Visit the Japanese garden. This is a beautiful place - the work of Japanese landscape architect Yasuo Beppu. Over 7000 square meters are connected in harmony vegetation, water and stone. This is a work of art in the best traditions of Japanese style.

Church of St. Charles - a beautiful building with an adjacent 30-meter bell tower. The church was opened in 1883. Inside is decorated with stained-glass windows and incomparable luster, delivered from the Princely Palace.

Oceanographic Museum with an aquarium stands on almost vertical cliff. It was founded by Prince Albert I in 1910. He is currently a scientific and cultural center. The museum specimens of marine flora and fauna, skeletons and stuffed sea creatures.

Another attraction of Monte Carlo - Princess Grace Rose Garden. Rosary appeared in 1984 on the orders of Prince Rainier III, he dedicated it to his beloved wife, who died in a car crash. Princess Grace was a connoisseur of roses. Rosario presented more than five thousand bushes of flowers.

Visit the National Museum of automata and dolls brings you to the unusual world. Dolls are shown surrounded by antiques in the costumes of their time. The museum is located in a villa designed by Charles Garnier.

Those interested in history to visit the Museum of Napoleon. On the ground floor is exposed over a thousand exhibits relating to the First Empire, as well as personal belongings of Napoleon. On the second floor of the museum houses a collection of stamps and coins of the Principality.

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