Travel to New Zealand

Travel to New Zealand
 New Zealand - the state of the two islands, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, combines the oasis of wildlife and a highly developed economy. Fans of quiet rest will like numerous beaches and excursions, and fans of active lifestyle can do extreme sports.


Seasoned travelers are advised to begin the journey to New Zealand from Auckland. A port city, until 1865, the former capital of the state, is one of 10 most beautiful and friendly city life on the planet. City remarkably compact and allows for 30 minutes to get anywhere: a bike ride through the rainforest, go sailing to the small islands, sit in the shade cozy restaurant or have a picnic near the volcano.

The city attracts tourists with its oceanarium. This large complex can not only look at the aquariums with marine life, but also to learn many new facts about Antarctica.

The capital of New Zealand - Wellington

Wellington is conveniently located near the harbor on the North Island and is considered the cultural center of the state. On the hillside is an impressive botanical garden, with its begonias, garden rose garden and other plants. To get to the botanical garden, you can use the funicular.

The main sights are St Paul's Cathedral, New Zealand Royal Ballet, Opera House, National School of Dance, Maritime Museum, etc.

Pua Knights Islands

These places are perfect lovers of diving. Here goes the warm current, so near the islands can be seen a large number of different fish, which are not found in other parts of New Zealand. There is the opportunity to swim with the sharks, but in this case, do not forget about their safety and well-follow instructions guide.

Thermal springs in Rotorua

Take a dip in the hot springs of all colors can be near Rotorua - city, located on a volcanic plateau. The ancient inhabitants of the island Maori called this valley "country of holy water", as the locals believe that the hot springs bestow energy and good health.

Conquest of glaciers

Dare to climb on glaciers can not everyone, but if you're one of them, then your eyes will be opened snow cave Fox and Franz Josef.

Stewart Island

If you are a romantic and love wildlife, be sure to visit Stewart Island. This island is covered with bush, where thousands of birds nest, including the symbol of New Zealand - Kiwi. Do not disappoint and sandy beaches, because their length is 745 km.

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