Travel to Hong Kong

Travel to Hong Kong
 Hong Kong is considered the pearl of the Asia-Pacific region. In Chinese it is called Hong Kong - "Fragrant Harbour". Previously, there were a few small fishing villages that served as a base for pirates and smugglers. Today, Hong Kong has become a major financial and business center, a beautiful metropolis, where from all over the world visited by tourists.
 Heart of the island - the picturesque Victoria Harbour. Built around her stunning skyscrapers of glass and concrete, lots of greenery, the bay cruising liners. Life here all day and night in full swing. Day of colorful advertising beckon numerous restaurants and chic shops. Fairy lights at night illumination, flashing lights of bars and discos, appear in all its glory the old buildings, the architecture which emphasized illumination.

Today, Hong Kong has become a real tourist center. Travelers attracted by the unique combination of ancient culture and advanced civilization. The city has many attractions, beautiful scenery, cheap and quality products at the same time. Despite the huge flow of visitors and seven million people, the streets clean, smoke only in designated areas, services developed at the highest level, people are polite and friendly.

The best views are from the lookout Victoria Peak. There can be reached by cable car. Especially romantic here at night, when you can watch the lights of Victoria Harbour. Also certainly worth a visit to the peak adjacent park. In this green oasis in the territory of 10 hectares is located lush gardens, cool fountains, pools, Museum of tea ware with a rich collection of Chinese porcelain.

Noteworthy botanical and zoological gardens in the Victorian style, exotic harbor Aberdeen, in which people live directly in the fishing junks, an ancient Taoist temple Man Mo. In a floating restaurant complex "Jumbo Kingdom" you can enjoy six-star service and taste excellent dishes both Chinese and European cuisine.

In nearby Oceanarium regularly hosts dolphin shows and killer whales, there are penguins, sea lions, giant aquarium with sharks, a large water park, a butterfly garden.

Beach holidays in Hong Kong too high. The famous Repulse Bay Bay coast in the form of a crescent, right down to the shore flowering gardens, towering over them huge statues of Tin Hau and Kwun Yum. There were filming the scene of many films.

Many tourists rush to Hong Kong Disneyland, a variety of museums, Goldfish Market, and Nathan Road shopping street. In Hong Kong, many more places that should definitely visit. See all the sights in one trip can not be, but it will be a reason to ever repeat an exciting journey.

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