Travel to Cuba - a dream come true

Travel to Cuba - a dream come true
 Cuba attracts many Russian tourists. They are not afraid of any twelve-hour flight or a huge difference over time. This is minor compared with unforgettable sensations that occur on Liberty Island. And create their clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean, the bright Caribbean sun and smiling friendly Cubans.
 First trip to Cuba an unforgettable experience. Delight comes back in Havana - the city - the museum of retro cars in the open. All rare vehicles on the move. Their mechanisms thrive in dry and warm Caribbean climate. Therefore, the machines are much longer.

To fully experience the atmosphere of rest and relaxation, Parking Converted cars with a driver and a ride to Havana. In addition to the famous Capitol Building and the colonial buildings, you can watch the carnival that the locals arrange suitable for each occasion. This can be a birthday Catholic saint, whom the Cubans are very honored. Or just the beginning of spring, winter, summer. These gay people do not miss an occasion to rejoice, and happy to share their mood with anyone.

The most famous Cuban resort - Varadero. Is a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean, connected to the mainland by a thin isthmus. Can only get there by tourists. Login to local residents, except employees of hotels and traders in the souvenir shops, is strictly forbidden. These rules have remained active ever since the reign of Fidel Castro, who was opposed to simple communication with the Cuban people "degrading" of his capitalist elements. Even separate currency for foreigners. It's called cookies. Cook is practically equal to one euro. Pay in shops and restaurants, tourists can only the money. Ordinary Cuban they just do not sell in exchange offices. But numismatists can barter coins from local residents. Particularly interesting are the ones where minted Che Guevara. They are already out of items and will soon become a real museum value.

If in doubt, fly or not to fly to Cuba, choose the second. The era of Fidel Castro thing of the past, and soon it will become a normal state resort, forever losing the charm of Liberty Island.

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