Travel in Germany

Travel in Germany
 Germany - the birthplace of the great inventors, famous kings and talented poets. Country with a long history and culture. In every city you can find objects worthy of a visit.
 Germany - Land of the order. The first thing you notice - the ideal condition of the roads. Germany as if designed for travel by car. But public transport very well developed. Between the towns ply buses and trains. Remotely possible to get an e-ticket. The sooner the process of buying the cheaper tickets for inter-regional public transport in Germany.

Ease of movement within the country - is a huge plus, because Many cities are noteworthy.

Frankfurt called "German Chicago", this city is worth a visit to see the "new Germany". During the war the city was destroyed by more than 90%. Rebuilt again in the new unconventional style, he became the financial and transport metropolis.

Munich interesting large number of monuments of culture and art. The main sights are within the old city.

One of the largest and oldest cities in Germany, Cologne is of particular interest. The city has more than 2,000 years, and it still preserved remnants of the Roman era (Roman aqueduct, the remains of the ancient city wall).

Stuttgart is set amidst vineyards and meadows. The city charms and amazes with harmony and comfort, which are so characteristic of the modern metropolis.

Lübeck is unique in that all of its historic center, founded in 1143, is a living monument of the Middle Ages, which has been preserved without significant alteration and destruction and was declared part of the UNESCO world cultural heritage.

The most popular among tourists land in Germany - Bavaria. This area has unique natural resources: alpine meadows, forests, picturesque lakes and rivers. National Park "Bavarian Forest" is perfect for walks and rest between visits to historical and cultural attractions of the country.

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