Tourism without problems: a reminder for beginners

Tourism without problems: a reminder for beginners
 For beginners and tourists rarely venture importantly - confidence and planning. Brief and clear reminder important even for experienced travelers - nothing to let go of attention in turmoil before a trip to the correct way.
 Not necessarily look for it "burning" tour. These trips sometimes just seem economical. A truly beneficial succeed only if you have stayed at this hotel, or at least have come to the city in about the same time of year. It is desirable and that the travel agent was familiar to you. Otherwise you can get into places where, though cheap, but very uncomfortable!

It is not necessary to save on travel agency services. Some believe that there will permit more than a tour operator, because he creates designs trips that after resell agency. But in fact, the price of tickets will be about the same everywhere; because the travel agency is focused on the commission - the difference between the wholesale and retail price, and for the account is ready to make allowances. And in the travel agency you can find cost-effective option, comparing offers from several tour operators.

Should not abandon insurance. The standard most often included in the tour package, but to find out details about her need to advance - before signing the contract. Extended health insurance often do for young children. A ekstremaly insure "sports risks."

If the journey you have any health problems, contact your insurance agent. Keep all receipts and certificates related to examination and treatment.

In addition to health insurance and need to think about insurance on his own recognizance (about 5% of the tour price). At the same time, remember that a valid reason for the payment can be recognized only objective circumstances - illness (or your family), subpoena, etc. "Changed his mind" or "late" - that's no reason!

Carefully read the contract before signing the papers. The document should be marked in detail the conditions of rest - the classification of the hotel, special requirements, duties travel company and responsibility for their violation. In the case of complex situations is an agreement will be the main argument in court.

Do not be late for registration and landing. Registration begins two to three hours and ends 40 minutes before departure and landing - for half an hour.

Be careful with your own documents! After all, tourists often lose their luggage receipts and passport, and without looking sign bills and checks passport and money ... better put in the hotel safe. Copy of the passport should be stored separately.

In case of loss (theft) of documents filed statement to the police station, take the employees and help her contact the Russian consulate to get a "certificate to enter the Russian Federation" (keep in mind that this is a paid service).

Learn information about luggage weight limit to avoid paying for "overload". Please note that each airline their demands.

Baggage check is recommended not to throw away until the safety of baggage checking. If baggage is lost, stay at the airport and execute the necessary documents for the search.

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