Time travel: Azure lake Carinthia

Time travel: Azure lake Carinthia
 Natural beauty and 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, can be seen in Carinthia on the azure lake. Southern Austria has produced many surprises. Here you can dine and on the raft and visit the cinema show right on the beach.  
 Carinthia is identified in travelers from a fairy tale. There are more than 1200 lakes with a water temperature of about 28 ° C, slightly warmer than the Mediterranean. On special rafts at Lake Millshtetterzee served dinner for two. The waiter takes the dishes and pushes off shore platform with a table, and you can go to a tasting delights.

Rolling hills, picturesque valleys attract the eyes and delight with its beauty. To climb Mount Mittagskogel that Lake Faak. The height of the mountain 2145 meters. At dawn to see memorable sight: water changes color a matter of seconds, and when the sun comes up, gets rich turquoise color.

The shores of Lake Wörthersee, the largest reservoir of Austria, called the Austrian Riviera. High prices are justified by the presence of unusual beaches. This green lawns or wooden walkways with umbrellas. Experienced instructors will help you learn windsurfing, volleyball teach and show the basics of riding a banana boat.

Many lakes prohibited riding noisy transport, for example motorboats. That is why there is silence, peace and holidaymakers violate occasionally voices of rebyatni. Visit the gorge Cheppasshlyuht. They will show you beautiful waterfalls, for 2 hours you will wander through the suspension bridge and enjoy the view from a height.

Interestingly, the movie is shown on the water. Directly on the surface of lakes swim special screens, which are broadcast kinonovinki. And if you are single, can arrange a cruise aimed at finding the second half.

The capital of Carinthia - Klagenfurt. Visit it should be everyone, because to see the world in miniature, only here. The park Minimandus the models of the landmarks on the ground. They are 2-3 times higher than a man, and made of the same materials as the real thing.

Be sure to try the local dumplings. They are made with a variety of fillings. According to local tradition mold them should be able to every girl, otherwise it runs the risk of not getting married.

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