The mysterious world of the island of Sri Lanka

The mysterious world of the island of Sri Lanka
 The island of Sri Lanka - a real dream come true for the person who wants to relax and get away from the daily routine, to feel in their own skin velvety touch of the tropical sun, breathe air, heady with its freshness. Add to this wonderful local flavor with its unique culture, genuine hospitality, plenty of secluded places, adventure - and a paradise vacation you provided!
 Lush green valleys with tea plantations, alluring azure waters, mountain peaks with noisy rivers, hot springs and waterfalls ringing, beaches all along the coast, framed by tropical vegetation, emerald, pink flamingos, leisurely strolls along the beach - this idyllic picture observes everyone who stepped on fertile land of the island of Sri Lanka. Many, he is known as Ceylon. The island is located in the Indian Ocean, near the southern tip of the Indian subcontinent.

In the center of Sri Lanka stands the picturesque mountain range. Nearby lie the two valleys, which are grown legendary Ceylon tea. Here is one of the oldest nature reserves of the planet - Mach Mega, where you can watch the peacocks and elephants, leopards and zebras in their natural habitat. The wealth of the local flora has already said that some tropical flowers until now have scientific names and described by botanists.

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is the period from November to April. However, at other times of the year on the island, you can relax completely comfortable, because the rains usually come at night. The most popular island resorts are concentrated on its southern and western coasts. All local beach is public, so every vacationer can sunbathe and swim where he pleases. Here, no one would be interested in, from what you're away. Luxury hotels on the island next to a small cozy private hotels.

At any time of the year in Sri Lanka can be found picturesque lagoon for safe bathing or amazing corals to scuba dive. Diving is very popular. Every year the number of those wishing to explore the magical world of the ocean. But is not limited to leisure mysterious Sri Lanka. There are all conditions for surfing, snorkeling, rafting. Tourists will not only aquatic adventure, but also trips to the mine, where it produces the moonstone, topaz and sapphires, jeep safaris and elephant, balloon flight.

The incredible beauty of landscapes are side by side with majestic monuments. Ancient stone city, hiding in the jungle, a modern metropolis, proud ancient fortress - all this historical and architectural diversity is placed on a small island. Sri Lanka - it is also the cradle of the mysterious and enigmatic Buddhist religion, as evidenced by the many magnificent temples and statues of Buddha.

Visit Sri Lanka and not to try national dishes, would be a crime. Just keep in mind that the locals generously flavored with spices dishes. Cloves, nutmeg and cardamom, familiar to many from his childhood, side by side here with exotic spices, a fragrance that's crazy.

Treat yourself to a fairy tale on behalf of Sri Lanka. Whatever time of year you may have come to this island, you'll be amazed constant riot of colors and seemingly endless summer.

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