The most stylish hotels in Italy

The most stylish hotels in Italy
 Rome - this is not only the heart of Italy, but also a place "where all roads lead." Here you will feel the eternal beauty of art and architecture, imbued with inexpressible atmosphere of belonging to history. All the best to you and delicious cooked Rome hotels.
 Splendide Royal - is a boutique hotel, located in a lovely historic building dating from 1880. Recently the hotel has been completely renovated. The cozy living room with fireplace, luxurious lounges, heavy drapes curtains, antique furniture and original works of art in Italy. Mirabelle Restaurant is located on the seventh floor of the building where you are sitting at a table on the terrace, elegant, will observe all the historical sights of Rome. The rooms are comfortable and luxury, every detail of the situation and decor designed and made with great care and impeccable taste. Pillows and blankets you can choose the material that suits you.

Hotel Eden - a sample of elegance and style. It is located in the gardens of historic villas of Rome. After the restoration of Eden host to famous guests who are satisfied service and fine cuisine at the maestro Adriano Kavagnini. The rooms are furnished with antique furniture, but equipped with all modern facilities and amenities. Elegant marble baths allow you to relax after a day of informative, but tiring excursions.

In the garden of the Villa Borghese is a monument to the English poet Lord Byron, and here stands a beautiful palace of the seventeenth century. It housed and luxurious hotel, named in honor of the poet, and a rich collection of paintings by Caravaggio and Bernini. Lord Byron is characterized by its exclusivity and impeccable style and service. His guests - it is the powers that be, people are demanding. The nearby golf courses, tennis courts and stables for equestrian sport fans. The walls are made in the style of the 30s - stunning beauty and texture of fabric. Furniture exclusive design is contained in perfect condition.

Classic style Hotel Bernini Bristol combines historic architecture and comfort of the spacious salons. The walls are decorated with ancient tapestries and the originals of the great masters. On the roof of the building is a restaurant L'Olimpo - Ancient Rome there is visible at a glance. Wellness hotel complex will offer you the "Roman Baths", sauna, Turkish bath, hydro massage and beauty treatments. Rooms are diverse in style, but always with impeccable taste.

Hotel Hassler is unique with its special atmosphere, which evaluated the royal families of the world, presidents, famous artists, writers, artists and rich. At the highest point of Ancient Rome is a restaurant at the Rooftop - here reigns Venetian style. Each room is different, but there are always present yellow, red, cream shades that help recreate the atmosphere of the story.

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