The Eiffel Tower in Paris

The Eiffel Tower in Paris
 Champs Elysees, baguette, beret, tango on the banks of the Seine, bike, Arc de Triomphe, kissing lovers, Notre Dame - Paris all in the presentation of tourists from all over the world. If you were asked to name one character of this capital city, of course, the caller will call the Eiffel Tower, the beauty and the beast, the subject of love and hatred of the French ...

Established as a temporary exhibit for the World Exhibition of 1889, architect Gustave Eiffel Tower, left, looks like a long time in the heart of the French capital and become the most recognizable architectural structures in Paris. Assisted in the design of the Statue of Liberty engineer Eiffel felt that a new era: metal design allows to create previously unknown form, strange, bizarre, unusual, almost barbaric in terms of fashion of the era. The turning point in the consciousness of man on the eve of bloody wars and revolutions signs and illustrate iskussvo modernity: decadent, painfully neat, delicate and unspeakably sad.

The tower was a project that won the competition for the best monument to the centenary of the French Revolution. Architect borrowed the idea from two working steel plant, Maurice Koechlin and Émile Nouguier. But it is the talent and inspiration Eiffel turned metal edifice in fishnet and yet durable construction, which eventually became the symbol of the whole country.

We can not say that the French were delighted with the work of the engineer: many cultural and political figures have expressed their outrage at the premises on the Champ de Mars "iron monster". Still, the tower was constructed. Planned to dismantle it in 20 years, but by the time she served as a radio tower: the era of ubiquitous radio, which saved the brainchild of Eiffel. Over time, the silhouette of the tower in Paris early fog ceased to annoy the Parisians, many realized that this particular design will be one of Glan lures tourists.

The list of symbols of France for over a hundred years part, along with the Arc de Triomphe, the tricolor, "Marseillaise", the Gallic rooster and a statue of Marianne, and this creation of engineering and artistic thought. The tower is so fused in people's thinking with myself Paris, the romantic capital that no longer conceived without it. Pictures, key chains, plates and T-shirts depicting the Eiffel Tower, are sold in any souvenir little shops. And she stands alone and proud, osvechennaya lights, and looks from the last century to the present, zooming and illuminating the path of love to all who came to look at it ...

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