Thailand: The Islands

Thailand: The Islands
 It is difficult to imagine how one state can be combined with a modern metropolis intact almost wildlife. One such country is Thailand, which attracts tourists with its colorful variety of colors and impressions. In addition to the bustling life in Bangkok, Thailand offers holiday many islands scattered over a large area. Every corner of this country contains its spirit and its special atmosphere.
 Arriving in the Thai capital, Bangkok, you passed all formalities for border crossing, a few hours can fly on one of the islands of this country - Phuket. This is one of the largest islands in Thailand, which offers comfortable accommodation on the beach with hotels to suit every taste. If you do not want to fly and really want to see the country, you can reach the island by bus or by car. Phuket has the ability to just spend their time on the beach by the ocean, or visit the beautiful exotic gardens and parks, tours are offered in all hotels.

If you want a more relaxing holiday, go to the small island of Phi Phi Don. To get to it is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Buy a ticket for the ferry to your hotel for you zaedut to drive to the pier. Travel time from Phuket takes about two hours, but you will not be bored during the trip. Along the way you will be surrounded by rocks of fantastic shapes, which grow directly from seawater. After the arrival and settlement in the hotel, stroll through the center of the island, which boils commercial life (cafés, restaurants, bars, market - all at your service), or you can go in depth in order to be alone with him in untouched nature.

Koh Phi Phi Don is in the neighborhood with his twin brother, the island of Phi Phi. It was filmed the famous movie "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role. Can feel like a hero of the film. Sightseeing boat, which you can find on the dock of the island of Phi Phi Don, a few minutes will take you to this small island. In its depths enjoy a riot of colors and silence around. Despite the fact that the island has recently very popular among tourists, you may well be able to retire in the thickets of bamboo. If the exit to the beach and turn around back to the sea, you will see a green carpet of vegetation.

Another island, which has recently begun exploring foreign tourists - Krabi. There remained untouched wilderness adjacent to the new hotels. You are waiting for the ancient architectural monuments, caves, the monastery Van Thamsya. Local hotels offer many spa services, fine dining and good service. On the island there are several beautiful beaches and ancient sites accumulations of sea shells.

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