Thailand: a trip to Paradise Island

Thailand: a trip to Paradise Island
 Thailand - a small country located in Southeast Asia, is located on the set of small islands and two peninsulas at the same time. It is called the brightest star of the East - where respect for tradition combined with the incredibly rapid development of infrastructure and the economy, and Buddhist serenity - with incredible beauty of the beaches.
 Holidays in Thailand - for every taste and budget. Sure, any of the resort islands of the country will give you the blue sea and pristine white sand beaches. However, depending on what you prefer, you can choose:

Beach holidays in Koh Chang. This island has acquired the status of the resort is relatively recent, so you will appreciate the relatively small number of tourists on the beach and unspoilt nature. This "island-jungle" - most of it is covered with tropical jungle. Coral reefs and rich underwater world lovers of diving;

Phuket - the most popular island resort in Thailand. It can be called "Hollywood" resort, because directors are constantly using it for film, if they want to display in the frame Beautiful scenery and enchanting architecture. Ride Taxi "Tuk Tuk" - a machine that goes by only three wheels and its appearance resembles a toy;

Small Kut. This is the most populated island of the few in the country. It is only six villages, instead of the comfortable hotel offers a stay in a hut-like fishing. This is a real paradise for the "savages" - the locals will teach you how to fish, shoot a bow and crossbow. On the island is Marine National Park, home to rare species of fish and marine animals;

Lovers VIP recreation like Samui with its luxury hotels and expensive restaurants. Koh Samui you will not find even a hotel with four "stars" - only high-class hotels or expensive bungalows. The reasons are quite clear - how can retreat with all the amenities in the house on the shore of the sea, surrounded by coconut trees to be cheap? Perfect place to de-stress and recuperation!

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